Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Psalms 33:1-9; 100:1-5   

GOD is so good to us! We would not even have a world if God had not made it. We would not have anything to eat if God did not make things grow. We would not even have a drink if God did not give us the water.

God made everything for you. He made it so you would be happy. God loves you so much. God wants you to love Him, too. He wants you to say “Thank You, God, for all the good things You give me.”

Sometimes you remember to thank your friends or your mother and daddy for the things they give you. You should. That is right, but God feels very, very sad when you never, never say any “Thank You” to Him.

The day called Thanksgiving Day is a special day when people all over our land all say “Thank You” to God on the same day. Maybe some of these people do not love God and they even forget to say “Thank You” then.

First of all we are thankful for Jesus who came to earth from His beautiful home in Heaven to teach us how to pray and love God.

We thank God for the Bible, God’s own Book. If we did not have the Bible we would not know about Jesus or how to mind God.

Who gives us the sunshine and the rain to make the flowers and the grass grow? God does. Who gives us a good home and someone to take care of us and love us? God does. When you hear a little bird singing, that little bird is singing his own little “Thank You” to God.

God likes to have us talk to Him and ask for things we need or want. Yes, God likes to have us ask Him for something but He likes to hear a “Thank You,” too.

Every little and big boy and every little and big girl can do something bigger and better than just saying “Thank You” to God, something God loves to see. You know what it is? You can give God something no one else has but just you. Your heart. No one else but you can give God your heart to love Him and live for Him. That is the present that God loves the very best of all. Even the angels in Heaven are happy and sing when God gets a “Thank You” like that.

There is another “Thank You” gift to God that each little boy and girl can give. No one else can give that one, either. Every boy and girl can sing songs to God. That is a happy way of telling God “Thank You” like the little birds do. God loves to hear children sing. Yes, He does. Sing in Sunday school and all during the week at home.

There are many ways you can show God how thankful you are for His goodness to you, ways that just you, by yourself, can make God happy. You can be sweet, and not be cross, in the way you talk to your mother or daddy or brothers and sisters. When someone takes a toy you wanted to play with, you can share that toy and let him play with it first. You are not very thankful to God when you cry or pout or push something over. God gave your toy to you even if it came from the store. God showed somebody how to make it so you could have it. Everything comes from God first of all.

God loves every person in the world. Is it not wonderful that God loves you, no matter where you live? He likes some of the people to be a different color in their skin. He made them that way, Himself. Some boys and girls have blue eyes, some have brown eyes. Some children have big, round eyes and some slanted, but God loves everyone the same. That is another thing to be the most thankful for. God loves you special, all by yourself.

We must never forget to say “Thank You” because Jesus has a place in Heaven for us. God wants all the children to pray and talk to Him every day. When you are talking to Jesus, thank Him first. Say, “Thank You, God for all my good things” before you say anything else. That will make God so happy! Thank Him for listening to you all by yourself when you talk to Him. God has lots of people to listen to, but He still hears you alone.

“Thank You, God, on this Thanksgiving Day. I will make every day a Thanksgiving day to You.”