Elijah And The Ravens

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: I Kings 17:1-6    

THINGS were not going well in the kingdom of Israel. The king and all the people who lived there worshiped idols instead of the true God. That made God very unhappy. He told His prophet, Elijah, to give King Ahab a message.

God gave Elijah the power to stand before the king and say, "There is not going to be any more rain in this land until I say so."

No rain! How could that be? Oh, King Ahab became very angry! He was the king and didn't want anyone else to say what should happen in his kingdom. He was very worried because he knew that without rain everything would become dried up. Without water the plants would die and there would be no food to eat. If it did not rain the rivers and brooks and streams would dry up and there would be no water to drink. The animals needed food and water to live. And what would happen to the people?

God had known that the message would make King Ahab very angry. He also knew that the king would try to hurt Elijah. But Elijah was not afraid because he knew that God would take care of him. After Elijah had given God's message to the king, God told him to go and hide by a brook called Cherith. It was near the Jordan river.

When he arrived at the brook, Elijah found that he had plenty of cold, clear water to drink. But as he looked around him, he could see no food. There were no houses or stores nearby where he could buy food. He was a long way from where any people travel or where children play. But Elijah was not alone. God knew where he was. And God had promised to send food for him. God had told Elijah that the ravens would feed him. Imagine that! How could birds feed a man? How could they carry enough food in their tiny beaks? Elijah did not worry. He believed that God can do anything.

And sure enough, every morning and every night the ravens would bring food to Elijah. They brought him bread and meat just as God had promised. God loved Elijah and took good care of him. Elijah was happy that God had given him such a nice place to stay

Did you know that God loves you too? Sometimes you may wonder how God will take care of you but just remember that nothing is too hard for God. He knows everything you need. He will do what is best for you.