The Meal And Oil

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: I Kings 17:7-16    

IT had not rained for such a long time. The fruit trees were dying. No wheat would grow in the fields. Nothing could grow without water! The people were so thirsty and hungry. Everyone was unhappy.

God's helper, Elijah, was very thirsty too. The brook where he got his water was no longer cool and refreshing as it had once been. In fact, the only thing in the brook now was dust!

But God hadn't forgotten Elijah. He told him to go to Zarephath, a small city by the seashore. There, Elijah was to go to the home of a certain widow lady. God told Elijah that the lady would give him food to eat. Elijah obeyed God. He started on his journey right away.

It was a long trip and Elijah was very tired when he reached the city. When he arrived at the lady's home he found her outside picking up sticks to make a fire. He asked her to please get him a drink of water. As she was going to get the water, Elijah also asked her for a piece of bread to eat. She stopped and told him that she didn't have any bread. All she had was a handful of flour and a tiny bit of oil. That was just enough flour and oil for one little cake. She planned to fix that for her son and herself. But Elijah told her to fix some for him first. He said that if she would do as he asked, God would make her little bit of flour and oil last until the rain came again.

She went to her home and did as Elijah had told her. When she was finished making the bread, she looked and saw that there was still flour in the barrel! And there was still oil in the pitcher! There was enough flour and oil to make more bread! That was a miracle!

Some people might not believe that God could do such a miracle but this lady did believe. And because she shared what she had, God made the flour and oil last for a long time. It lasted until the rain came again! After that, the people were able to grow more wheat for flour and more olive trees for oil.

God has power to do wonderful things. He will take care of those who trust in him.

God will make sure we always have the things we need. He is very happy when we share the good things He has given us.

Do you think Elijah thanked God for the woman who shared with Him? Do you think the woman thanked God for giving the flour and oil? Do you thank God for caring for you?