God Sent Bread From Heaven

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Exodus 16:4-6, 14-27; Numbers 11:7-9

THE boys and girls, fathers and mothers, and all the animals were walking in a hot, hot sandy desert. It was not a good place to walk but God’s people were going to a new home and the only way they could get there was to walk.

Moses was the leader. He talked to God to find out which way to go. Today God’s people were in bad trouble. They had eaten all the food they carried with them. Now where could they get some more food?

Way, way, way out in the hot, sandy desert there were no stores, no gardens, no place to buy something to eat.

“Moses, Moses,” they called. “Where will we get something to eat? What shall we do? Oh, my! Oh, my!”

Moses talked to God. He knew God was watching over them. God would not let His people be hungry. God said He would rain bread down from Heaven every morning. Rain bread? God will send it tomorrow.

The next morning the people hurried fast out of their tents to see this bread God had promised. All over the ground were some small, white, round things.

What is it?” wondered all the people. They called it Manna. My, it was good! It tasted sweet, like cookies made with honey.

Every morning the manna came from Heaven and every morning the people picked up just enough for the family to eat that day. They baked it in pans and made cakes with it.

Moses told the people to take just enough manna for one day. God wanted His people to know that He would do just as He said. They must trust Him.

Some people did not mind Moses. They thought they would get enough for two days so they would not have to go out the next day. When they started to eat it the next day it was all spoiled. God means it when He says, “No!”

The day before their Sabbath God said for everyone to pick up enough manna for two days. God did not want them gathering food on His day. Every morning manna came from Heaven except on their Sabbath.

God does not want His people who live here on earth now to go buy food on His day, either. He wants us to keep Sunday just for Him. God took good care of these people and He does it today, too.