Ready for Revival: Week 4


Key Word: Prepare

Life Application

Taking necessary steps to be sure our hearts are free from hindrance, resolving differences between us and others, and aligning our lives to receive God’s blessing.


Recall your own salvation experience.
Renew your consecrations and promises to God.
Resolve to obey God and put Him first in all things.

Evaluate your relationships and mend fences where necessary.
Enter into the revival with prayer and commitment.
Exert every effort to draw closer to Christ.

Visualize those who are lost.
Vow that you will reach out to others for Christ’s sake.
Voice your deep desire in regular and prevailing prayer.

Invite God to search your heart.
Ignore Satan’s attempts to distract you from prayer.
Intensify your own efforts to live in a more Christ-like way.

View and pray for the fields that are “white unto harvest.”
Volunteer your services wherever they are needed.
Visit with your friends about spiritual things.

Aspire to all that is good and holy.
Apply God’s truth to your own life.
Allow God to use you.

Lay aside anything that would hinder or distract you.
Love people freely and abundantly.
Let the Holy Spirit guide you.

An incident related by Brother Frost

God demands the same standard today that He always has. He wants us to be careful about what we say. Once when I worked in this city, I said something about my boss. He really did have something coming, but it was not my place to say it. I did not say it right. I made some re-marks about him. I went home. And God laid on the lash! That was back there on the “old trail,” that old path. I tried to talk God out of it, but he was not in that kind of mood. I put it off for days, but something told me I just had to go and make it right. You say, “That was fanaticism.” Call it what you want to, but in those days the power used to fall just like rain. Sometimes one could not give an altar call, because of so many people already praying. If that is fanaticism, give us some more of it, God. We can stand quite a bit of that. – From his July, 1958 sermon, “Old Paths”

Questions to think about

  1. What steps must we take to be ready for revival?
  2. In the Old Testament revivals, those seeking God were commanded to put away their idols and repent.
    What does this teach us about preparation for revival?
  3. How can a difference between us and a brother or sister hinder revival?
    What is our responsibility when a difference or hurt feelings exist?
  4. How can praying for both yourself and the other individual in advance pave the way to resolving conflict?


Mentally walk through an average week, noting all the people you come in contact with from the Body of Christ. Is all well? Think of those who supervise you and those who you may supervise. Is all well? If not, pray and ask God to give you the strength and determination to settle any differences as soon as possible. If you search your heart and all is clear, commit to praying for others who are striving to reconcile a difference.