Ready for Revival: Week 6


Key Word: Prevail

Life Application

Dedicating special time to praying for revival.

Give Me A Burden!

Oh, for a heart that is burdened!
Infused with a passion to pray;
Oh! for a stirring within me;
Oh! for His power each day.
Oh! for a heart like my Saviour,
Who, being in agony, prayed.
Such caring for others, Lord, give me;
On my heart let burdens be laid.
My Father, I long for this passion,
To pour myself out for the lost,
To lay down my life to save others,
And to pray, whatever the cost.
Lord, teach me, Oh, teach me this secret!
I’m hungry this lesson to learn,
This passionate passion for others,
For this, blessed Jesus, I yearn.
Father, this lesson I long for from Thee–
Oh, let Thy Spirit reveal this to me. – Mary Warburton Booth

A Current Testimony of the Power of Prayer

Val Grant tells how he had fallen in  love with Maria, but she refused to marry him because he was not a Christian. Then God laid a burden for Val on Maria’s heart. He relates, “Maria became concerned about my soul and she wondered if God was telling her to pray for me. One time she told God, ‘If You will put him in bed on this certain day, so that I know he is sick, then I will pray for him.’ On the appointed day, she walked by my parents’ home and saw my mother. When she asked how I was doing, my mother said I was not home. However, the window was open and Maria heard my voice. She asked my mother, ‘Is Valeriy home?’ She said, ‘Yes, but I am not supposed to tell anyone because he is sick, and he does not want anybody to know.’ I had never been sick enough to be in bed before. Maria knew then that God wanted her to pray for me, so she fasted and prayed three times a week for a year.”

God heard those prayers, and after a year, Val began attending church with Maria, but he refused to give his life to God. One day he went to talk with a head pastor in another village. God’s Spirit anointed that man and he spoke the words that got through to Val’s disbelieving heart. Val says, “From that point, I decided that there was something to Christianity, and I purposed in my heart to commit my life to God. When I got back to Maria’s church I went to the front and asked them to pray for me. That was my open confession of faith, and my life was changed.” God had heard and answered Maria’s prevailing prayer!

Questions to think about

  1. What type of prayer for revival will God hear and answer?
  2. What might be the difference between prayer and prevailing prayer?
  3. What are the dangers of studying revival but doing nothing with what you learned?


Choose a favorite verse about prayer, and write it out on a notecard. Post it where you will see it often this week. If you have not already done so, commit it to memory!