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Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. - Jude 3

Who We Are

The Apostolic Faith Church sprang from the Azusa Revival of 1906 which took place in Los Angeles, California.

Our founder, Florence Crawford, received the infilling of the Holy Spirit at Azusa and in 1908 moved to Portland, Oregon, and established this ministry. Since then, the work has grown to include hundreds of churches on six continents.
Our organization is conservative in nature, following a tradition of Wesleyan holiness practiced by those whom the Holy Spirit descended on at Azusa. We believe the entire Bible is God's infallible Word and uphold the fundamental teachings of New Testament faith. Learn more about us in The Apostolic Faith: History, Doctrine, and Purpose.
our motto

Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. - Jude 3



Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon, is the location of our headquarters office where decisions are made regarding outreach efforts, mission trips, pastor assignments, and other corporate matters. Operations are led by President and Superintendent General Darrel D. Lee, with approval by a five-member Board of Trustees and the backing of a Board of Elders.All of our churches uphold the same Bible doctrines, with each branch being under the leadership of the Portland headquarters and independent of any other religious organization.



Darrel & Debbie Lee
Darrel Lee grew up in Roseburg, Oregon, and was saved during his college years at Oregon State University. He met his wife, Debbie, while attending the Apostolic Faith Church in Dallas, Oregon, and they married in 1976. Reverend Lee served as pastor in Dallas for five years before moving to Eureka, California, where he was the pastor for four years. In 1996 he was asked to move to Portland, Oregon, to be the headquarters corporate treasurer and a board member. Four years later, in July 2000, he was appointed as the superintendent general. Over the last twenty years, Reverend Lee has traveled often to visit our churches around the world. He maintains close communication with our global leaders, strengthening and encouraging their efforts to further the Gospel in every region.



The Apostolic Faith Magazine
Those who experienced the revival of 1906 began publishing a paper titled The Apostolic Faith to report the miracles taking place in their midst. When Florence Crawford moved to Portland, the publishing ministry was placed in her hands and has been a central focus of our organization ever since. Today The Apostolic Faith is produced as a magazine, and our publishing ministry has expanded to include a variety of material, most of which can be accessed through our Library. Also available are the first Apostolic Faith papers, which were published in Los Angeles about the happenings of the Azusa Revival.



Portland Tabernacle
Usually lasting a week or two, our camp meeting conventions are a time of spiritual refreshing and fellowship. The schedule includes Bible teachings, youth services, and evangelistic meetings, as well as many other activities. The Portland camp meeting is held on the campground across the street from the headquarters office and is attended by guests from around the world.To learn more about these events, read about the history of our camp meetings in our history book. More than twenty camp meetings are held worldwide each year, and you can find one near you on our calendar.



Youth Orchestra
Music has always been a special part of the Apostolic Faith Church. The first orchestra at the Portland church was formed in 1918 with thirty members, and it grew to comprise over fifty musicians. In Portland, our annual Easter Concert, Mid-summer Concert, and Christmas Concert are highlights of the year, and we also frequently include other special musical events on our calendar. In addition, we also enjoy the performances of a full choir in nearly every church service. We encourage our young people to join our junior and youth orchestras and choirs and enjoy hearing from them on a regular basis too.

Our Doctrines

We believe the entire Bible is the infallible Word of God and uphold the fundamental teachings of New Testament faith.

Below are seventeen key doctrines that have been pillars of our organization for over one hundred years. Learn more about these and other fundamental teachings of the Bible in the Doctrinal Resources section of our Library.