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We are a traditional, Bible-believing church, committed to upholding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our services are a time to worship God through music, be encouraged by testimonies of God working in lives today, and hear practical, relevant, Bible-based sermons. We hope you can visit us at one of hundreds of locations around the world.
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Apostolic Faith Magazine

A closer look at this Biblical topic reveals that it can be acquired through effort.

May 16, 2022
The more that eternal realities grip our hearts and occupy our thoughts, the less the visible, temporal things of this world will have any power to cause discontent.

Short messages that have a long-lasting impact.

May 9, 2022
We praise God for the mountaintop experiences, but we praise God in the valley too, because great victories can be attained there as well.

A mother and daughter share their very different experiences of life, loss, and the Lord’s mercy.

May 2, 2022
He gave me joy and peace that I would not trade for anything in this world.