Bible Doctrine Part 1

Heritage for Students


MY LITTLE GIRL had tuberculosis in the glands of her body and had been given up by the doctors to die. When a baby of but three months old she was vaccinated and her blood poisoned. My husband and I spent a fortune to try to get healing for our little one. Climates failed, medicine failed, nine physicians where we lived in Scotland had failed, and after we moved to Portland, Oregon, two of the best specialists in this city failed to cure her. Many times when I was on my way to the doctor’s office, I would look up into the heavens and say, “Jesus, I know if You were on earth You would heal my child.”

Something in my heart told me to go to Portland, Oregon. When I spoke of coming to America, my people said I would bury my child at sea. But God brought us over seven thousand miles to this place. We tried the best specialist in Portland after we arrived to try to find healing for our child. He treated her with serum every week to try to kill the germs in her blood, but he failed to heal her.

Then God led me to the door of a little saint of God and when I told her about my little one, she said, “If you had only known to have brought her down to the Apostolic Faith mission on Burnside Street, our people would have prayed and God would have healed your child.” I came down to see these people, and as I sat in the back of the hall, God whispered in my soul, “These are the people you have prayed so long for.” They told me, “There is power in the Blood of Jesus to heal all manner of diseases.” That was all I needed to hear. I heard the Shepherd’s voice. I promised God I would trust in the healing power of the Blood of Christ. From that moment she began to improve and God completely healed her body. That has been many years ago and she is a strong, well woman today, a mother and grandmother, and has never had a trace of that disease from that day to this. — Agnes Clasper


The Bible doctrines of The Divine Trinity, Repentance, Restitution, and Divine Healing were established in Scripture, and upheld in the preaching and publications of the Apostolic Faith organization from its inception.


1. What does each person of the Godhead contribute toward the salvation of mankind?

2. What might be some indicators of true repentance?

3. How might a person’s restitution impact those to whom he/she makes the restitution?

4. Why do many in the world today reject the Bible doctrine of divine healing?


“When God saved my poor, backslidden soul, I told Him I would go back and straighten up my life—make restitution—and I did. I asked the ministers to pray for me and for the letters I would be writing. I have letters today from people I made restitution to, letters of forgiveness. It is hard to believe the things I did after having been brought up in a godly Christian home.

“I worked for the Union Pacific Railroad and stole from them for years. I made trip after trip back there until one time someone said, ‘Not again! You are bringing back more things?’ I said, ‘Yes, everything that says U.P.R.R. on it I am bringing back to the railroad.’ I was bothered over three years about something I had taken but couldn’t find. I looked high and low, in the garage, in all the cupboards, in the attic, and in the basement, but just couldn’t locate it.

“One day my son-in-law came over needing a large cardboard box. I said, ‘I don’t know if I have a large one or not, but let’s look out in the garage.’ High overhead I found one I had thought was empty. But when I took it down, there was the item. Thank God, I took it back!

“Today I have the peace of God in my heart. It’s a good feeling down on the inside when you know you are right with God and right, too, with your fellowman. I have a clear record today and I praise God for it.” – Stanley Frank