Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Acts 9:36-42           

IN the city of Joppa there lived a lady named Tabitha. But almost everyone called her Dorcas. She was a very special lady. She loved Jesus and wanted to do her very best for Him.

One of the things that Dorcas loved to do was to sew. If someone needed a new coat she would cut the cloth, thread her needle, and sew a beautiful coat for him. She would make dresses for the women and little girls. If she knew that someone was too poor to buy a new coat, she would make one and give it to that person.

Dorcas was never too busy to help anyone who needed help. She did those things for people because she loved them with the special love that God gives.

One day Dorcas became very sick. She was so sick she died! Her friends were so sad. They would miss her very much.

When they had laid Dorcas in a special upstairs room, they sent someone to find Peter. He was one of Jesus' disciples and they had heard that he was in a town nearby. They asked him to please come to them. They wanted Peter to be with them at this sad time.

When Peter arrived in the city of Joppa he saw many people who were crying. They were Dorcas' friends. When they saw Peter they brought him to the upstairs room so he could see Dorcas. Some of the widow ladies showed Peter a few of the coats and other things that Dorcas had made while she was alive. They wanted Peter to know what a good friend she had been to them.

Peter told all of the people to leave the room so he could be alone with Dorcas. After they had all left the room, Peter got down on his knees and started to pray. He knew that God could do anything, even make a person live again. When he was through praying he turned to Dorcas. Then he called her by her other name and said, "Tabitha, get up."

Dorcas opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter she sat up! Peter took her hand and helped her to get out of the bed. Then he called all of the people who were in the house and told them that she was alive again.

Everyone was so excited! They told their other friends about what had happened when Peter came to see Dorcas. Soon everyone in the city of Joppa knew that Dorcas was alive again!

On that day many people learned to love Jesus. They believed that Jesus can do anything!

There are still people in the world today who love Jesus as Dorcas did. They want to do kind things for other people. They want everyone to love Jesus. I want to be one of Jesus' helpers. Don't you?