Baby Moses

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Exodus 2:1-10  

A LONG, long time ago there was a little, new baby boy. The mother and father loved him, oh, so much. So did his sister and brother. His name was Moses. No one else knew about baby Moses. It was a secret. They did not tell anyone about baby Moses. They did not dare. If they did tell that they had him at their house, a mean old king might send someone to take him away. That king did not want any little boy babies to grow up. He was a mean, bad man.

When little baby Moses first came to live in the family it was not so hard to keep him quiet so no one would hear him. He was so little, he would sleep like little babies do.

When baby Moses got to be a bigger baby, then it really was hard to keep him from making any noise. No doubt they were afraid someone would hear him and tell the king he was in the home. One day the mother decided: “Our baby Moses is getting bigger now. It is not safe for him to be here with us in the house any more. We will have to think of some way to get him out of the house and into a safe place.”

Moses’ mother loved God. She must have talked to God every day. She could pray and ask God to tell her what to do with baby Moses so he would be safe. God told her just what to do. One day she went down to the river that was near her house and picked some tall, strong grass that grew there. She began to weave it until it looked like a basket. In and out, in and out, went the grass as his mother worked. She was making a basket-boat big enough to put little baby Moses in.

Mother put something on the outside of the basket-boat so the water could not come in. She was glad God had told her what to do.

Miriam was little Moses’ sister. She was a bigger girl. When the basket was finished Moses’ mother put little Moses in his basket-boat. She walked down to the river and put the little basket-boat into the water where the tall, tall grass grew. The grass would hold the little basket there and it would not float away down the river.

The water started to rock the basket-boat. Rock, rock like a little, tiny rocking chair, and baby Moses went to sleep. He was warm and happy.

Surely it must have been hard for Moses’ mother to go home and leave her little baby there, but she had prayed and asked God what to do. She knew God knows best.

Sister Miriam did not go home with her mother. She hid in the tall grass so she could be near baby Moses and see what would happen.

By and by a princess, the king’s daughter, came walking along by the river. This princess-lady belonged to that mean, mean, bad king who wanted to hurt all the baby


Stop! Look! She sees baby Moses’ little basket-boat floating on the water. She told one of her helper-ladies to bring that basket to her.

How surprised the princess-lady was to see a pretty, little baby looking at her. She loved him right away. She wanted to take him home to be her own little baby. She

didn’t want to hurt him. She wanted to keep him and take care of him.

Sister Miriam jumped up from where she had been hiding in the grasses and ran to the princess and asked if she could get a lady to take care of the little baby for her.

“Go,” said the princess.

The sister ran right home and got the baby’s very own mother. The princess did not know she was baby Moses’ mother. God just fixed it that way. They could take little baby Moses home again until he grew bigger; then he would go to live with the princess.

God took care of little baby Moses when he was in the water, and He will take care of you, too.