Two Good Friends

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: I Samuel 18:1-5   

DAVID was strong and brave and kind. He used to take care of the sheep for his father. He has grown up and now he is a big man. David still loved God as he did when he was a boy. He still played his harp and sang songs to God. Everyone loved David.

One day King Saul asked David to please come and live with him in his house. The king had a pretty, pretty house. King Saul loved David because David loved God so much.

King Saul had a boy, too. His name was Jonathan. Jonathan loved God just as David did. Jonathan was a fine, brave soldier. Jonathan loved David right away when he saw him. He could tell that David was brave and strong and loved God.

David did not have a pretty house like Jonathan. He was only a shepherd boy who lived in the hills. David did not have any nice clothes, either.

Did Jonathan get mad because his king daddy asked another boy to come and live with them? Oh my no — not at all! People who love God do not get mad — not ever. Did he say, “Look at him. He does not have nice things as I do.” No, no, that is not the way Jonathan acted.

Jonathan looked at David. When he saw the big, strong boy who had come to live at his house he was so happy. Maybe he thought — this boy loves God just as I do. I want him to be my friend.

David and Jonathan were the best friends. Jonathan was not selfish with any of his things. You know what he did? David did not have any nice coat so Jonathan just took off his coat and gave it to David. He gave him his sword and his bow, too. He gave David lots of other things. David did not have any nice things to give to Jonathan but Jonathan did not care. He loved David anyway.

David and Jonathan never, never quarreled and fussed with each other. They loved God. God wants us to treat other people the way we want to be treated.

One day David said to Jonathan that he must go away for a while. David was so sorry to have to leave his friend and go away. They cried and kissed each other goodbye.

David and Jonathan did not see each other much after that but they still were friends and must have prayed for each other every day.

Would you let some other little boy or girl sleep in your bed if he did not have any? Would you give some boy or girl your coat if he did not have one and needed one?

You would? Then you love Jesus and know how to do what Jesus wants you to do.