Our Names In God's Book

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Revelation 20:11-15

DID you ever look way, way, way up into the blue sky? You can look and look but you never can see the end of that sky.

Way, way up, up, up, farther than anyone can see is Heaven.

There is a beautiful place in Heaven where God sits. It is called a throne. A throne is a special kind of chair just made for Kings. God is sitting up there on His throne and looking down here over all the earth. He sees all the little birds and He sees the little animals in the woods. He watches every little boy and every little girl all the time. He sees what you do that is good. Then God is happy. He sees what you do that is bad. Then He feels sad.

Who do you think is by this pretty throne? Angels, lots and lots of angels. They sing songs to God and tell Him how much they love Him. We learn to sing songs in Sunday school so we can sing to God from down here. God likes to hear the songs little children sing. That is one way of showing God we love Him.

There are people up in Heaven, too. There are babies, and little boys and girls up in Heaven. Only the good and kind people who loved God when they lived on earth can be with God in Heaven.

God wants us to learn stories from the Bible and when we get big enough He wants us to read the Bible. It tells us just what God wants us to do.

“The Book of Life” is in Heaven; and no one can see into that Book. It belongs to God and do you know what is in it? It is a Book which has names of boys and girls and big people in it. There is only one way to get your own name written in God’s Book of Life. Just one way. When a little child prays and asks God to take the sin out of his heart, when he says he is sorry for all the bad things he did and asks God to forgive him, then God will write his name in that big Book.

Just think how wonderful it would be to have your very own name written in God’s special Book way up there in Heaven. Heaven is a happy, happy place. Everyone wants to go there someday, but only the ones who have their names in that Book can go there. No one will ever cry up in Heaven. No one will ever feel bad and hurt anywhere.

Some people think that if God puts their names in that Book of Life, that they do not need to be careful and pray. That is not true. If a boy or a girl or a big man or lady lets one little sin-spot get back into his heart, then God takes that name right out of the Book. If your name is not written there, then you cannot go to Heaven. No one with the littlest sin can go to Heaven. No one with a teeny-tiny sin-spot can have his name in God’s Book. Just saved boys and girls and men and women!

All the angels in Heaven are so happy when God writes a new name in that special Book of His! Why don’t you pray and ask God to take away any little sin of naughtiness you might have? You will feel so good and clean inside, and just that minute God will smile at you and write your name in His Book, too.