A Lonely Prince – Mephibosheth

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: II Samuel 4:4; 9:1-13   

MEPHIBOSHETH! That's a big name for a little boy. But this little boy was a special prince. His grandfather was King Saul. And his father's name was Jonathan.
    Mephibosheth lived in a beautiful home called a palace. He was a happy little boy. After he was born there was a lady whose job it was to take care of just him. She was called his nursemaid.
    One day, when Mephibosheth was just five years old, his father and grandfather died. They had been fighting in a battle. Everyone was so sad. Mephibosheth's nursemaid was afraid that the enemy would try to hurt him too. She picked him up in her arms and was running with him when all of a sudden she fell down. His feet were badly hurt. They were hurt so much that he could never again run and play or even walk like the other children.
   Because his father had died, Mephibosheth was no longer a prince. And since he wasn't a prince he couldn't live in the palace any longer. He didn't feel special anymore. He was so lonely.
   The new king's name was David. He was the same David who had killed the giant, Goliath, so many years before. And Mephibosheth didn't know it, but the new king had been his father's best friend when they were young.
One day, King David was thinking about his friend, Jonathan. He was sad that Jonathan had died. Since they had not seen each other for many, many years, King David did not know if there was anyone left in Jonathan's family. If there were, he wanted to show them love because He and Jonathan had made a promise to be kind to each other's children. He asked his servant about Jonathan's family and was told about Mephibosheth. King David was so happy to hear that Jonathan had a son. He sent someone to tell Mephibosheth to come and see him at the palace.  
   Mephibosheth couldn't imagine why the king would want to see him. But King David spoke kindly to him and said, "Don't be afraid, Mephibosheth. Your father was my very best friend. Now he is gone and I want to be your friend. I will give you all the land that once belonged to your grandfather, King Saul. I want you to live near me and eat dinner with me every day."
   How excited Mephibosheth was! He wouldn't be lonely anymore. The king was his friend! And he was going to be in the palace again. He felt like a special person once more.
  Did you know that you are a very special person too? Jesus made a promise to be your best friend. If you will let Him be your friend, you won't ever have to be lonely.