City of God

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Revelation 21:1-27; 22:1-5  

YOU have a home where you live. Your friend has a home, too. A little bird has a nest for a home. Even the tiny, tiny black ants have a home. You might not see a bird’s home unless you find one in a tree or in some bushes. You cannot see a little ant’s home, either. They live way down in the ground.

God has a home. His home is up, up, up, way up past the blue, blue sky. God’s home is in Heaven.

God does not have just one house for Himself. The Bible tells us about God’s Heaven. We cannot look up in Heaven and see what God is doing, but we know Jesus is getting a beautiful place ready for us.

Someday Jesus is going to come back down here and take all the good men, ladies, mothers, fathers, boys and girls right up into Heaven with Him. Then we will see what it is like in Heaven. We will live with God.

God has a Heavenly City up there. It is called the Holy City. Holy means clean and pure, and only those with a clean heart can go there.

Up in God’s Heavenly city there is a special place for you. Yes, there is! If you love Jesus and are praying, and have your heart all cleaned from sin you can go there someday. God said so.

Jesus is up in Heaven right now getting things ready for us. When it is time we will go to Heaven and never, never, never have to come back to this sinful earth again.

One time God let a good helper of His look into Heaven so he could write it down in a book. That book is the last book in the Bible. God wanted us to know a little bit about what was up there waiting for us. God’s city is more beautiful than anything any of us ever saw.

The streets in Heaven are not hard, black streets like those we have. They are shiny, shiny gold. Have you ever seen any shiny gold? It is so pretty! Someday you can run and play and walk on golden streets, when you go to Heaven.

You will not ever fall down and hurt yourself, either. No one ever gets hurt in Heaven. Even if someone could not walk very well down here on earth, when that one gets to Heaven, he will be all well. No one ever cries in Heaven. Not ever.

God’s city is a big, big city. There is a wall around God’s city. It is real high. It is so pretty. It has all colors and kinds of pretty rocks and stones in it. We do not have any walls like that here.

In God’s Holy City you will never have to go to bed. Why? Because there is never any night there. You will not get sleepy and tired. No one will need lights or candles, or flashlights because there will never be any dark at all.

Best of all, when you get to Heaven you will see Jesus. He may hold you on His lap just as He did those little boys and girls we are told about in the Bible. Jesus will tell you many things.

Angels are with you all the time here on earth. God sends them to take care of you. You cannot see your angel that stays by you now, but when you get to Heaven you will see the angels.

All the boys and girls will be singing to Jesus. Are you practicing now every Sunday when all the children sing? Someday you can sing songs to Jesus.

The people who are bad and have not asked God to take away their sin will not get to go to Heaven. God cannot have any bad hearts up there. No one who took one little thing that did not belong to him can have a place in Heaven unless that one told Jesus he was sorry and took that thing back, or paid for it. Only those whose names are in God’s Book can go to Heaven.

Jesus loves you. He is fixing you a place in Heaven right now. What are you doing to make sure you can go there someday?

Be kind to others. Mind your mother and daddy. Never forget to pray. God likes all these things.