A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Isaiah 11:6-9; 35:1-10      

SOMEDAY, yes someday, the dry, dusty ground and hot, sandy desert is going to look like a beautiful flower garden. It will not grow pretty flowers now, but it will someday.

Someday, the cross old bears and tigers and lions will be purry and gentle. They will play with boys and girls like puppies and kittens. They will not hurt anyone. All the mean, growly animals will not be cross and growly any more.

When? When Jesus comes back to earth to be our leader, our King. Everything will be sweet like Jesus. The Bible tells us all about it. That is how we know. Jesus promised He would come back and be our King.

When Jesus is our King all the animals that have to be in cages now, because they are mean, will follow the boys and girls and want to be petted and loved.

A lion sometimes kills sheep, but when Jesus comes to be our King, the lion will eat with the sheep, and sleep with them. They will all like each other.

Jesus wants His world to be beautiful. No bad bugs. Rose bushes will not have stickers on them as they do now. The earth will be as a big, big beautiful garden. Trees will grow green and tall. Flowers will be prettier than you ever saw them.

Nobody will hurt. Everyone will be well and strong. Blind people who cannot see now will open their eyes and be well. Crippled people will not limp any more. They will run and jump. Jesus will make everything beautiful. He said so in the Bible.

When Jesus came to earth the first time some of the people wanted Him to be King then but Jesus said that He will come back some day and then be King.

Jesus wants His people to be good and have clean hearts. No sin can be in Jesus’ land when He is King. Jesus had to teach boys and girls and big people how to pray and have the sin all washed away.

We all want to live with Jesus when He is King of all the earth, don’t we? Jesus loves the boys and girls; that is why He planned it so there would be a long, long, long time when everyone would have a happy time, so happy.

People will never be cross with each other, then. Animals will all love the children and play with them, even the bears, tigers, and lions.

Be sure and pray and ask Jesus to make your heart clean and sweet so you will be all ready to live with Him when He is King. He might come today — or tomorrow. Won’t it be fun to have a lion for a pet like a kitten?