Timothy Learns About God

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: II Timothy 1:1-8; 3:14-17     

HAVE you ever played dress-up and pretended that you were a mommy or a daddy? It's fun to pretend that you are someone important. God made families to love and care for one another. That means each person in every family has a special job to do.

Each year we set aside one certain day to give cards and gifts to a very important person in the family--Mother. We say, "I love you," and give hugs and kisses. Mothers are very special people. What do mothers do that make them so special in each of our lives?

God's Word tells us some of the things good mothers do. Mothers have a wonderful way of caring for their children. They love each child in a special way. And everything they do for their children is done because of that special love.

Mothers are very busy people. Some mothers even have to work at jobs away from their homes. They are tired when they come home at night. But they still want to make their homes a happy place for their children. They do their very best to see that their children are well cared for. They check to make sure the clothes are washed and mended. They cook good food that their children will enjoy. And then they wash the dishes!

Mothers give hugs and kisses whenever their children get hurt. They teach their children to be kind and helpful to other people. And mothers will always forgive when their children have been naughty.

God was so good to include mothers in our families. Children trust their mothers to teach them what is right. And mothers who love God tell their children all about His wonderful love.

The Bible is full of stories about good mothers. They loved God and taught their children to love Him too. We should thank our mothers that they help us learn the wonderful stories from the Bible. If we listen when our mothers read these stories, we will learn how much Jesus loves us.

In some of our homes another person may have to take the place of the mother. It might be a grandma, an auntie, or sometimes even the daddy! When that happens, then each of those people becomes the special person on Mother's Day.

Who is the special person in your life this Mother's Day? What are some ways you can show that you are thankful for all she or he does? Ask Jesus to help you share the special love that has been given to you.

It must have been exciting for Timothy to tell other people all about Jesus. He was probably very glad that he had listened when his mother and grandmother told him the stories from the Bible.

Aren't you glad that you can learn the very same Bible stories that Timothy learned. It is exciting to learn about Jesus and to know that He is a special friend to us. We have mommies and daddies, and grandmas and grandpas, and even Sunday school teachers to tell us of all the wonderful things in the Bible. If we listen real good we will be able to tell others about Jesus.