The Water That Came From A Rock

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Exodus 17:1-6  

MARCH! March! March! Across the dusty, hot ground went the people called Israelites. They were God’s people and Moses was showing them the way to a place all their own, but it was a long, long, long way away.

Everyone had to walk. Even the little boys and girls. March! March! March! They walked all day long until the boys and girls must have been very tired. They probably hoped it would be time to stop and rest pretty soon. They could not rest just any time they wanted to or they would get left behind.

The boys and girls were hot and tired. Everyone was hot and tired. They wanted a drink of water. How good a nice, cold drink of water would taste.

After a while the people stopped and pitched their tents. The first thing everyone wanted — boys and girls, men and women, and all the animals — was a good, cold

drink of water. Water-water-where is some water? They looked — but there was not any water anywhere. Not even one little, tiny drop. No water at all.

“Give us water that we may drink,” the people said to Moses. They did not like it because Moses had brought them here where there was no water.

Poor people! They forgot about God and how He had helped them. They were thirsty, yet forgot to talk to God. Moses did not forget about God. Moses knew God would never let His people go thirsty or hungry.

Right now Moses could see there was not any water. Moses knew God could and would give them water somehow. God helps those who pray and ask for help. Moses prayed to God, “What shall I do?”

God watches from Heaven every single minute all the time, day and night. He knew the people needed water just as He knows when you need something. God told Moses to take his stick called a rod, and some of the men of the Israelite people with him.

Moses took the men and his rod. He saw a great, big rock. God told Moses to hit that big rock with his rod. Moses lifted his rod. Would water come out of a rock? A big, old rock that was dry? The men were very still. They watched closely. Would water really come?

Moses hit the rock. Did water come? Oh, yes, God said it would and it did. Only God can make water come out of a rock like that.

Splash! Splash! Cool, clear, fresh water just came tumbling out. Lots of it. It ran down the mountain like a little waterfall. All the boys and girls had a nice, cold drink. Mothers and fathers drank and all the animals.

God always sends us what we need today — just as He did then.