Triumphal Entry

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Mark 11:1-10; Matthew 21:1-17    

ONE pretty day, Jesus and some of His helpers, called Disciples, were walking along a dusty road. They were walking to a big city called Jerusalem. They wanted to go to church in the beautiful Temple Church.

As they walked slowly along they came to a hill named the Mount of Olives. Lots of olive trees grew there. When they got to the high place on the hill Jesus told two of His helpers about a little town they would see way over there. He said that when the two men walked into that town they would find a little donkey tied up by a door.

Jesus knew exactly where to tell them to go and what would happen after they got there. Jesus always knows everything, and where everything is. He knows where you are right now and what you are doing. He knew there was a little donkey there.

“When you get there,” Jesus said, “untie the little donkey and bring him to me. I want to ride him into Jerusalem. If anyone asks you what you are doing, or says anything to you, just tell him that the Lord Jesus needs the little donkey.” “Lord” is another name that Jesus had.

Away went the two men to get the donkey for Jesus. They found it just as Jesus said they would. They untied it and started to go when someone said: “Why did you untie that colt?” The helpers said Jesus wanted it. The man was glad to have Jesus ride on his donkey. The helpers took the donkey to Jesus. Now they all started off for the big city of Jerusalem.

Do you know that no one had ever ridden on that little donkey’s back before? Sometimes it takes a long time to get a horse or a donkey used to having someone on his back. They jump and buck around and try to shake that heavy load off. They do not like the feel of something heavy riding on them.

This little donkey did not jump or buck. Jesus just sat on his back and the little donkey went quietly along even when children came near him.

Lots of daddys, mothers, boys and girls saw Jesus riding along. They were so glad to see Him they would clap their hands, clap-clap-clap. The children started to jump up and down and run around and sing songs to Jesus because they loved Him so, and were so happy to see Him again. Maybe some of these same children Jesus had held on His lap or had made them well when they were sick.

As Jesus rode along the little boys and girls ran along beside Him. Oh, how they did sing and sing to Jesus to tell Him how much they loved Him. If there were any flowers along the dusty road they might have even picked some flowers to throw in front of Jesus’ donkey to make it look like a flower carpet.

The palm trees have great big leaves that look like fans. Quickly, some people cut down these palm branches. They used them to wave and wave in front of Jesus to show Him how much they loved Him. They put the palm branches right in the road, too, to make it look pretty.

All the people were singing. They would say the word, “Hosanna.” That means Praise to Jesus, like we sing, “Praise Him, Praise Him all the little children.”

Into the big city of Jerusalem Jesus rode on that little donkey. The happy children skipped right along beside Him. They were still singing and they may have even been petting the little donkey.

When the people in the city heard all that singing, and heard the little boys and girls, they wondered what was going on. Lots of people ran out into the street to see who it was that the girls and boys and big people loved so much. They saw Jesus riding along on the little donkey.

“Who is this man?” they would call. “Who is He?” “This is Jesus,” sang the happy people. “This is Jesus!”

Right up to the beautiful Temple Church rode Jesus. Right along with Jesus went the little children. When Jesus went into the Temple, the boys and girls just went right in with Him. The children did not stop singing praises to Jesus either. They sang, and sang, and sang, because they loved Him so much. It is a good thing they learned their songs so they all could sing.

When they all got inside the Temple Church some of the priests did not like the children to sing. They wanted them to be quiet. Jesus heard the singing and He liked it. He just loves to have little boys and girls sing to Him and about Him. He did not tell the children to be still. He let them sing as long as they wanted to.

Maybe boys and girls cannot tell other people about Jesus like big people can, but they can sing songs to Him. At home, too, when they are playing with other children they can sing songs.

We will all be able to sing to Jesus and see the smile on His face when we get to Heaven. We must all sing His praises here on earth so we will know our songs. Jesus always hears us when we sing to Him and pray to Him. That is how He knows how much we love Him.