The Kind Woman Repaid

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: 2 Kings 4:8-23, 32-37   

ELISHA was going to have a lovely surprise. Yes he was! A kind lady and her husband fixed the surprise for Elisha. They used to see him as he walked down the dusty road past their house. They always asked him to come in and eat with them and rest a while.

They knew Elisha was one of God’s helpers. Perhaps he did not have any home. He walked from one town to another to tell people about God. Poor Elisha must have been hot and tired lots of times but he did not care. He was helping God.

Do you know what the surprise was? It was a nice room for Elisha — all his very own. This lady and her husband had it built right on to their house just for Elisha. Now when Elisha was in their town he would have a room all for himself.

Elisha did not know about it. Here he comes! Out runs the lady to meet him! Cannot you hear her calling, “Elisha, Elisha, come with me. I have something to show you”?

Up, up, up the steps they went. She opened the door. Look! A nice room with a bed, a table, a stool, and a candle. Oh! How happy Elisha was with his room.

One day Elisha was at this lady’s house. He was wondering what he could give her that would show her how thankful he was for the room. Elisha asked’ his helper if he could think of anything.

“I know,” thought his helper, “she has no child.”

Elisha told the lady God would send her a little boy. This made the lady so happy that she could not even believe it. Elisha was right! God did give them a baby boy. How they loved him, just as your mother and daddy love you!

The boy grew bigger and bigger, just as you do. One day he went out in the field with his daddy. His head started to hurt. Oh, how it did hurt! It hurt so badly his daddy had one of the men carry him home to his mother.

Mother did all she could for her little boy, but he hurt worse and worse. After a while he just lay real still and quiet. He did not breathe.

Carefully, his mother carried him up to Elisha’s room and laid him on the bed. She knew what to do. She was going to find Elisha to come and pray for him.

When she found Elisha she told him all about the boy and how sick he had been in his head. Would he please come and pray for him? Elisha came and walked into his room and closed the door. He saw the sick little boy lying so still on the bed. Elisha prayed. Oh, how he did pray!

He put his mouth on the little boy’s mouth. He put his hands on the little boy’s hands. He prayed and prayed. Sneeze-sneeze-sneeze went the boy. One-two-three-four-five-six-seven sneezes. He opened his eyes. He was all well again.

Oh, how happy and thankful the little boy’s mother was that Elisha had prayed and God had made her boy well.

God knows how to make sick boys and girls well when they are prayed for. God loves boys and girls.