Teachings Of Jesus

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Matthew 6:14-15; 7:1-5, 12     

JESUS loved to talk to big men and women and boys and girls. He wanted to tell them all the things that would make them happy. Jesus wanted the boys and girls to know how to love God, too. Not just the big people can love God but boys and girls, too, can love Him.

Jesus walked from one city to another. He did not have any home of His own. He was too busy teaching everyone what he must do to be happy, and to be ready to go to Heaven some day.

Sometimes other boys and girls do something to you that you do not like. Maybe they say something cross and mean to you and make you feel bad. Jesus said you must never get mad at them. You must not do something bad to them, either, because they were naughty to you.

Lots of times people did cross, naughty things to Jesus when He lived here on earth but He never hit them back or said mean things to them. Jesus always talked to God about these people and asked God to help them to be good. That is what Jesus wants you to do. Jesus wants you to pray for someone who is naughty to you. It makes Jesus feel very bad if a little boy or girl who knows about Jesus acts as naughty as someone else does.

Sometimes a boy or girl will do something naughty and mean to a little friend. After a while a guilty feeling comes into his heart, and he is sorry for that mean thing. He wishes he had not done it. He wants his little friend to know he is sorry, too. Jesus said you would feel bad inside for what you did wrong. You should ask him to please forgive you. Jesus wants people to say “forgive me” to each other. You must ask Jesus to forgive you, too. Everything naughty that you do makes Jesus feel sad.

Jesus taught the people to do to someone else only what they would like people to do to them. If you are happy and kind to your little brother and sister then they feel happy and kind toward you.

If you do not want your brother or sister or friend to break your things, then you should be very careful not to break his toys or things.

If you do not want other boys and girls to hide their toys and be selfish with you, with what they have, then you must not be selfish, either. You must be glad to share what you have. You must be happy to let others play with some of your things. Jesus did not want boys and girls to be selfish.

One of the hardest things to do sometimes is to give others the best of what we have and take the worst for ourselves. If you love Jesus that is what you will want to do. If all the boys and girls and big people would do what Jesus said to do there would never be any fighting, quarreling, or getting mad at each other.

Other things which Jesus taught all of us is that we should never tell things that are not true. We must always tell the truth. And we should never take things which do not belong to us.

All these bad things are taken out of our heart when Jesus comes in and gives us a clean, pure heart. Then it is so easy to do good things.

When you wake, up in the morning be glad that Jesus loves you and try to do what Jesus would like for you to do.

If you will do all these things for Jesus you will be oh, so happy, happy, happy, all the time! Pretty soon everyone around you will be happy.