Jesus Chooses Helpers

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Matthew 4:18-22

PETER and Andrew were busy. They were very busy. Peter and Andrew were brothers who went out in a boat and caught fish for people. They were fishing on the little sea of Galilee.

Jesus was walking along the shore. Perhaps He was thinking about all the work He wanted to do. Not work like your daddy does. Jesus wanted to tell all the boys and girls and big people about God. They did not know about God like you do. Jesus had to have some helpers. He could not tell all the people by Himself. There were too many people and too many cities. Jesus had to walk everywhere. Jesus needed somebody to help Him.

Jesus watched Peter and Andrew as they put their net into the waters. He called to the brothers: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

What did Jesus mean by that? He meant instead of catching real fish, Peter and Andrew would go out to the people and tell them about God. They would help people learn to love God.

Peter and Andrew did not say, “Wait a minute, Jesus,” or “Maybe after a while.” No! The minute Jesus asked them to help Him they dropped those nets fast and went right along with Jesus to help Him.

Look! Look! There are three men in a boat near the shore. Two of them are brothers, James and John. The other man was their daddy. These brothers were fishermen, too. They were not fishing today. Their net had a big torn place in it so they were busy fixing the hole.

Jesus looked at James and John. They would be fine helpers for Me, thought Jesus. They could tell boys and girls and big people about God in Heaven. It would make them glad to hear how God loves them and wants to help them. So He called to James and John, as He had called Peter and Andrew.

James and John liked their work catching fish but they loved Jesus more than anything else. They wanted to please Jesus and make Him happy first. Catching fish was good work but helping people to love God was much better work.

So James and John said good-by to their daddy and went along with Jesus. They left their boat and nets. They left everything right there and followed Jesus.

That is the way Jesus wants His boys and girls to be, too. When Jesus asks them to do something for Him, He wants them to stop whatever they are doing for themselves and help Him.

You can be one of Jesus’ very best helpers by telling your friends about Sunday school, and about how Jesus loves them. You can be a very fine helper by praying for someone you know who has a bad hurt or is sick.

Jesus found twelve men who were happy to leave their homes and go wherever Jesus asked them to go and do just what Jesus wanted them to do.