Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Luke 10:38-42; John 12:2-8  

JESUS always liked to go to the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. They loved Him and He loved them. Jesus did not have a house of His own, no bed all His own. He was always walking from one town to the next town telling people about God and Heaven. Jesus always had such a happy time in the home of the friends who loved Him.

One day He came again to their house. Oh, how glad Mary and Martha were to see Jesus! Mary just stopped her work right away and sat right down by Jesus’ feet. She wanted to listen closely to all He said.

Mary wanted to hear the beautiful things Jesus could tell her about God the Father, about the angels, and how she could pray and go to Heaven, too, someday.

Mary knew she must listen to Jesus while He was right there because He would go away again to another town. She could do the work in the kitchen later.

Where was Martha while Mary sat and listened to Jesus? She was hurrying here, hurrying there. Busy-busy-busy! Martha was probably getting dinner. She wanted to show Jesus how much she loved Him by doing all the things she could think of to make Him happy. She knew Jesus did not have time to take a rest very often. She probably wanted Him to eat a good, hot dinner. She wanted Jesus to have the very best that she could give Him. She thought that was the way to do it. She was so busy doing the work she did not hear very much of what Jesus was telling Mary.

Martha did not like it one little bit because Mary sat down there by Jesus and listened to Him. She thought Mary ought to get up and help her. Finally Martha said, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister isn’t helping me? Won’t you tell her to come help me?” Didn’t Jesus care that Martha had to do all the work?

Jesus did not scold Mary. He thought it was better for Mary to take time to learn the things about God, than to work all the time and not listen at all. How would Mary ever know if Jesus did not tell her? Jesus would go away soon and then no one could tell her. Jesus was happy because Mary was not too busy to listen.

Jesus knew Martha was trying to please Him, but He did not want her to be so busy she would not take time to talk to Him and listen to Him.

The very, very, very best thing in the world is to learn how to live for Jesus. Jesus does not want little boys and girls to forget to talk to Him, or be too busy playing to listen to Him. When you pray, you are talking to Jesus and He is listening to every word you say. You are never too little to talk to Jesus. You must talk to Him every day and say Thank You to Him for the good things you have.

One day Mary wanted to show Jesus how much she loved Him. She had a box of very, very good smelling oil or perfume that cost a lot of money.

Mary, Martha, Lazarus, their brother, and Jesus had supper together. Mary went over to Jesus, opened the box and put some of that sweet smelling perfume on Jesus’ feet. Then she got right down on her knees and wiped His feet with her long, long hair. That was her present to Jesus. That was her way of showing that she loved Jesus. Jesus loved Mary so much for being so good to Him.

Some of the other people thought Mary was doing something foolish because her box of perfume cost so much money, and then she poured it on Jesus’ feet! Jesus did not think it was foolish. That story is even in the Bible so we can read it.

No matter where you are, at home, at play, never get so busy that you miss your talk with Jesus. He is listening for you, just for you.

Jesus wants you to be like Mary. He wants you to sit quietly and listen all you can to what Jesus wants you to do.

That is why you go to Sunday school: so you can learn about Jesus with other boys and girls. Jesus is happy when He looks down from Heaven and sees how His boys and girls are singing, praying, and listening to what the teacher is saying about Jesus.