A Blind Man Healed

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: John 9:1-38   

A POOR blind man sat by the side of the dusty road. He could not see. He had never seen in all his life. He did not know what his mother looked like. He had never seen his daddy, either. Just think! This blind man had never seen a tree or a flower or the sky. Just black, black dark, like when you shut your eyes for a little while.

Because he could not see, this poor man could not work. He had to ask people to give him money so he could get something to eat.

It was the Sabbath. There sat the poor blind man. He could hear footsteps of people coming near him. Walk! Walk! Walk! It was Jesus and His helpers. The poor blind man did not know about Jesus. Closer, closer, came the footsteps.

He could hear the men talking about him to Jesus. Then he felt Jesus’ kind hand putting wet clay on his eyes. He did not know what to think about that.

A soft, sweet, kind voice spoke to him. It was the voice of Jesus. “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam,” said the soft, kind voice.

The poor man got up from where he was sitting by the dusty road. He went slowly, slowly, feeling his way until he came to the pool. Maybe someone helped him.

Here is the Pool of Siloam. Down, down the blind man went until he could feel the water with his hands. Up came his wet, wet hands to his eyes. The dirt-clay was still on his eyes. He washed off the clay.

The clay came off his eyes. Oh! Oh! The man could see! He could see! He looked all around him. He saw the blue, blue sky for the first time. He saw trees, and happy, smiling children and people. He saw everything just like you can. He was so happy! He had never been so happy. How beautiful everything looked to him!

He hurried fast to his house. He must tell his daddy and mother that he could see. He wanted to see what they looked like. He wanted to see all his neighbors. When his neighbors and the other people saw him they could not believe he was the same man. They asked him if he was the blind man who had sat by the road. “I am he,” said the man. “A man called Jesus made clay, and anointed mine eyes, and said unto me, Go to the pool of Siloam, and wash: and I went and washed, and I received my sight.”

Jesus went on walking with His helpers. After a while He met that same blind man again but this time he could see. He did not know what Jesus looked like. He could not see when Jesus had put the clay on his eyes. He wanted to find out which man was Jesus so he could say “Thank You” to Jesus.

Some of the people asked the healed man questions and questions about what had happened. Then they found the man’s daddy and mother and asked them, too. The daddy and mother said to ask the healed young man about it. Their son who had been blind was so happy that he could see again! At last he met Jesus, but he did not know it was Jesus.

Jesus told the man who He was, that He was the Son of God. The happy man fell down at Jesus’ feet and thanked Him. “Lord, I believe,” the man said.

How happy this man was! He was not blind anymore; and he had seen Jesus. Jesus had not only made him to see, but had given him a clean heart, also. We will see Jesus someday, too, if we have a clean heart. Yes, we will; but we must always love Him.