The Birth Of Jesus

Sacred Stories for Children
TEXT: Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-7   

MARY was a lady who loved God. She talked to God every day and always did just what He wanted her to do.

God had a wonderful surprise for Mary. God even sent a special angel from Heaven, named Gabriel, to tell Mary all about God’s surprise.

One day Mary was all by herself. All of a sudden an angel came down right out of Heaven and started talking to Mary. Mary could really see the angel.

Mary loved God and she knew all about angels but she was a little bit afraid because it was the first time she could really see an angel and this angel was talking to her.

The angel said, “Fear not, Mary.” The angel told her that God loved her so much, He was going to let her do something for Him that no other lady in all the world would ever get to do.

God was going to send her a little Baby Boy from Heaven. Mary was going to be His mother. This little Baby Boy was going to be much like the other little baby boys, but He was God’s very own Son. He was the Son of God and His name was to be Jesus. He would be the most wonderful Baby ever born, and grow up to be the most wonderful Man in all the world. He would do great things for people when He was older. He would heal sick people, make them strong, make blind people to see, cause crippled ones to walk. He also would make bad people become good; save them from sin and make them ready for Heaven. What a wonderful Baby was coming!

One night Joseph, Mary’s husband, had a dream. He saw an angel when he was asleep. The angel told him also that Mary was to be the mother of God’s Son, Jesus. The angel said, “Thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

Mary and Joseph were still waiting for Baby Jesus when they had to take a long trip. They had to go far away to another city.

They did not have any cars then, so Mary rode on a little donkey and Joseph walked along beside her. It was a long, long way to the city of Bethlehem and Mary got so tired. They were far, far from home.

At last here they were at the city. It was night. Joseph wanted to find a room so Mary could go to bed and rest. They went to an inn where people stayed when they were away from home. Knock, knock, went Joseph. The man came to the door, but told them that there was no room in the inn.

The only place they could find to stay was in a barn where there was a manger. Hay is so nice and soft so Joseph took Mary to the little stable. The hay smelled sweet and clean.

That night, in the stable, God sent the dear little Baby to live with Mary and Joseph. They named Him Jesus. God sent the little Baby Jesus as He had promised, God’s very own Son from Heaven. Mary wrapped God’s Baby Jesus in a soft, warm cloth and laid Him down in the manger to sleep. Jesus was a little Baby just as you were when you first came to your daddy and mother.

This was Jesus’ birthday. This is why we have Christmas.

Jesus had come to the world to live, and to grow up to be a wonderful man. He had come for a very special purpose — He was to be the Savior who would save the people from their sins, just as the angel had said. He saves big people and He also saves little boys and girls, and makes them good and happy, too. What a joy it is to remember His birthday at Christmas time!