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Search Unit 06 - What Makes a Hero?

TEXT: Acts 9:10-19

The dictionary definition of available tells us that one who is available is one who “can be used.” God has chosen the instrumentality of man to spread the truth of His Gospel. But it is up to the individual to make himself “available” to God—ready to be used by the Lord in whatever capacity or location He deems best.


  1. To be used of God, our spiritual condition must be in order. What was the spiritual condition of Ananias? Search through the text for clues as to his character. Then read Acts 22:12 and add that to your description.
  2. Look carefully at each of the attributes or characteristics you have discovered about Ananias. Give a reason why each would be necessary for a Christian in our day.
  3. God spoke to Ananias through a vision. Tell of some of the other ways God communicated His words to those in Biblical times.
  4. Saul had quite a notorious reputation in Israel among the followers of Christ. Ananias must have felt some anxiety when God asked him to go and see Saul, yet he did go. Many people worry about what they may be asked to do in the Lord’s service. Tell of an experience in your own life where you were asked to do something for the Lord which you thought was beyond you. How did you feel at that time? How do you feel now when you look back on the incident?
  5. With what words did Isaiah answer God’s call (Isaiah 6:8)? Write down a word which describes the attitude of both Isaiah and Ananias.
  6. According to Scripture, what does it take to be great in God’s Kingdom? See Matthew 20:26-27.
  7. The key verse lists three specific instructions for the believer. Write down the three, and give a short description of what you think the word or phrase means relative to the life of a believer in our day.