Joseph, the Earthly Father of Jesus

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TEXT: Matthew 1:18-25

Obeying a stop sign may save your physical life. Reading and obeying God’s Word will save your spiritual life. No doubt one of the reasons Joseph was selected out of a world of men to become Jesus’ earthly father was that he could recognize and then obey God’s command.


  1. What Scripture in our text indicates that Joseph was a man of God? Explain.
  2. Name one thing that was done which shows that Joseph honored the Law of God. See Luke 2:21-24.
  3. The Scriptures record in Matthew 1 and 2 at least three times when Joseph heard God’s directions and then was obedient. Name them.
  4. When do you think Joseph understood what Isaiah 7:14 meant?
  5. In verse 20, what, in the natural, might have made it difficult for Joseph to obey the command of the angel?
  6. It would have been a different story if Joseph had not obeyed God. Give a situation of your own experience when obedience paid off. Now jot down and discuss the possible consequences of disobedience concerning the situation you have noted.
  7. Which of the following prevented Moses from entering into the Promised Land? See Numbers 20:8,11.
    speaking to the rock
    not smiting the rock enough times
    smiting the rock
  8. Which of the following saved Noah from the Flood?
    his family
    the ark
    all of the preceding
  9. In our daily lives, obedience is of utmost importance. What did Jesus say were the traits of a wise man? a foolish man? See Matthew 7:24-27.