Woman Who Touched the Hem of His Garment

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TEXT: Mark 5:24-34

The woman mentioned in our lesson exhibited perseverance and determination. The crowd that surrounded Jesus would have been an obstacle to a well person; how much more to one weakened by illness! She did not expect Jesus to lay hands on her, speak to her, or any such thing. She simply believed that she would be healed if she could just touch the hem of His garment, and because of her persistence she was healed.


  1. What obstacles did the woman face which might have discouraged her perseverance, and what were the results of her determination to reach the Lord? What obstacles may appear when we desire something from God?
  2. Take special note of Jesus’ question to the crowd (verse 30) and His reply to the woman (verse 34). How does this incident encourage us?
  3. Four men carried a man who was sick with the palsy to a place where Jesus was speaking. How did they demonstrate their perseverance in bringing this man to the Lord? See Mark 2:3-4.
  4. How did Jacob show perseverance and what did the angel tell him? See Genesis 32:28.
  5. Jesus told the Jews that believed on Him that they should “continue in my word.” Explain what you think is meant by this phrase. See John 8:31.
  6. What are some areas in our daily Christian lives where we may need to practice perseverance?
  7. We equate conversion with being “saved.” Use Matthew 10:22 to find when we are really saved.
  8. There is a goal—something to be obtained through perseverance. Look up Revelation 3:11. What things should we “hold fast” in order to retain our crown?