The Widow of Zarephath

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TEXT: 1 Kings 17:8-16

At the center of the Christian’s experience is that seed of faith whereby he first entered, and now continues in the Christian walk. Should a time of testing rob him of that faith, he is a pauper, and will remain so until it is regained. But the one who guards his faith as a treasure beyond value will persevere and triumph in every trial of life.


  1. Describe the situation that the widow of Zarephath was in when the prophet came to her.
  2. While the widow went to fetch water for Elijah, he called to her with another request which elicited a pitiful response from the widow. What options did his request leave her?
  3. What parallel can you draw between this woman’s decision in how to respond to Elijah’s demand and the decision facing every sinner who hears God’s call?
  4. Verse 15 brings out what very important truth concerning faith?
  5. What might the consequences have been had the characters in the following verses not exercised faith?
    Genesis 6:13-18
    Jonah 3:4-5
    Matthew 15:22-28
  6. Give an example from your own life that illustrates how faith sustains a person.
  7. Luke 18:8 poses a very piercing question. How does it apply to the world in which we live?
  8. How can we guard against the onslaught of the forces which would destroy or diminish or faith?