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TEXT: Daniel 6:1-28

The Apostle Peter adds virtue to the foundation of faith (2 Peter 1:5). Virtue is the quality that will help the Christian stand for what is morally and spiritually right. The word virtue as used in our text means, “all moral excellence, especially courage and spiritual fortitude.” A person must stand for the faith that he embraced at salvation by showing forth the courage to do what is right.


  1. Explain what is meant by the portion of today’s text about Daniel which states that “an excellent spirit was in him.”
  2. Show evidence of how Daniel’s life exemplified virtue.
  3. Explain how the word faithful in verse 4 of the text relates to virtue.
  4. Daniel maintained his spiritual fortitude even when doing so meant possible death. Does God expect Christians today to go to such extremes? Explain. See Revelation 2:10.
  5. Entrapment was used against Daniel. How might this device be used by the devil against a Christian today?
  6. List ways in which God assisted Daniel because he maintained his spiritual fortitude.
  7. List some ways in which Christians will be blessed when they maintain their virtue at all times.
  8. Using Daniel’s success as an example, how might standing fearlessly for the things that are spiritually right affect the lives of those a Christian comes into contact with?