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TEXT: Genesis 22:6-14; 24:1-8,62-67; 26:1-5, 17-33

Isaac was Abraham and Sarah's only son, born when Abraham was one hundred years of age and Sarah ninety. Before Abraham died, he gave all that he had to Isaac (Genesis 25:5). Isaac had been an obedient son, and he became a great man (Genesis 26:13), but never sought place or fame. He was a man of peace, one who loved God, and one whom God loved and blessed.


  1. What prominent place did Isaac fill in God's plan of salvation for mankind, as shown in Genesis 21:12 and emphasized in the New Testament in Romans 9:7 and Hebrews 11:18?
  2. What significant similarities do we find in the life of Isaac and the life of Jesus, as shown in the following accounts?
    Abraham's offering of Isaac - Genesis 22
    Abraham's servant's seeking a bride for Isaac - Genesis 24
  3. When Rebekah and the servant returned, in what attitude did they find Isaac? See Genesis 24:63. How can this attitude be beneficial to a Christian?
  4. When Isaac heard the report from the servant concerning his meeting with Rebekah, what did he do? What was his attitude toward Rebekah?
  5. What statements can we make regarding Isaac's prayer life, and how can we profit by the example? See Genesis 25:21; 26:24-25.
  6. One Bible commentator brings out that Abraham's long residence in this part of the country had left its traces in many a valley by the wells he dug. After his death, the Philistines seemed to have hastened to obliterate the witnesses of their treaty with him. What spiritual lesson can we learn from the account of Isaac's digging again the wells which the Philistines had stopped? See Genesis 26:18.
  7. What did Isaac do when there was strife between his herdsmen and those of the Philistines over the wells his servants had dug? What characteristic did this exemplify and why is this a commendable trait?
  8. As we read the account of Isaac's life, what miracles or feats of valor and courage come to mind?
  9. What reward did the Lord give to Isaac for his obedience and integrity? See Genesis 26:3,12,24.