Lot's Wife

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TEXT: Genesis 19:15-28

Sometimes the things of this life, as innocent as they may seem, trap people in sin to the extent that they lose their souls and must face the judgment of God just as Lot's wife did. God is always faithful in giving timely warnings. There are many instances in the Bible where He warned men of impending judgment. God has also warned us in these days of the wrath that is to come upon the ungodly if they do not repent.


  1. Why did the Lord say the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were to be destroyed? See Genesis 18:20.
  2. What do the cities of our day have in common with Sodom and Gomorrah?
  3. When Abraham was told of the intended destruction of Sodom, what steps did he take to ensure the safety of Lot and his family (Genesis 18:23-32)? How might his actions be an example to us?
  4. What method did God use to get Lot and his family to leave the city?
  5. Why do you feel Lot and his wife lingered before leaving Sodom?
  6. Once Lot and his family were outside the city of Sodom, what were they told? How soon after they left the city did the fire and brimstone fall? See Luke 17:29.
  7. What happened to Lot's wife? Make a parallel between this event and the results which occur when one whom God has delivered looks back to the world.
  8. In Luke 17:32, we read that Jesus admonished the disciples to "Remember Lot's wife." What do you feel were the underlying reasons for this statement?