The Prodigal Son

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TEXT: Luke 15:11-24

The prodigal son may have enjoyed the pleasures of sin, but it was only “for a season.” Sin, as he discovered, has a kickback. The straits into which the prodigal son was brought in the far country is a typical example of the degradation which a man can reach who has cast to the winds the restraints of Christian teaching. His only hope is to come to himself and ask forgiveness of the One against whom he has rebelled.


  1. Since there was plenty at his father’s house, what motive prompted the young man to leave?
  2. Arriving at his destination in a “far country” was not an instantaneous happening. The prodigal son went step by step, farther and farther away from his father’s house. Each step was an act of will, another decision or action which took him even farther from the benefits and blessings of home. Parallel this to the steps taken by one who is moving away from the blessings and benefits of Christianity.
  3. We read that the young man had “spent all.” What is meant by that expression? Draw a spiritual parallel, explaining why sin is expensive.
  4. When the young man was in want, what was provided for him by his friends? What was his initial attempt to help himself?
  5. What does the phrase, “he came to himself” mean?
  6. What did the young man resolve to do, and how can we liken this to the actions of a sinner who wants out of the life of sin?
  7. How was the son received by the father? How does the heavenly Father receive the repentant sinner?
  8. The first request the son had made was “Father, give me . . .” inferring that he felt he had some rights to his father’s possessions. What request was the young man proposing to ask of his father when he left the “far country” and what change of attitude did this show?
  9. Who would you say is the most outstanding character in the lesson and why?