The Fig Tree

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TEXT: Luke 13:6-9; John 15:1-8

Jesus often used trees, gardens, vines, branches, and fruit to teach lessons of truth. A Christian life is like a tree—not just a tree with leaves, but a tree that bears good fruit. As in the natural, fruit is the product of plant growth, so it is only by spiritual growth that man bears fruit unto the Lord. Without growth, one becomes fruitless, resulting in eternal punishment. However, as one walks in the commandments of God, he is able to bear the fruit expected of him.


  1. On various occasions, Christ used the fig tree as a symbol of the Jewish nation. This parable illustrated the patience of God with Jerusalem, whose day of doom was approaching because of their failure to show forth the fruit of righteousness. However, there is also a warning in it for individuals. Explain how you feel this parable applies to us.
  2. What did the dresser of the vineyard do to try to improve the fig tree’s production?
  3. Why did the owner of the vineyard have the right to expect fruit?
  4. Looking at our text in John 15, how are we to bring forth fruit? Explain.
  5. What does God do to the fruit-bearing branches? How much fruit must we bear?
  6. God cares for every branch. Each has the same nurturing and opportunity to bear good fruit. Each receives the “sunshine and rain” of God’s love. What happens to the branch that does not bear fruit?
  7. What fruit does God expect to see in a life? Give a specific example of how each one is a spiritual benefit.
  8. If one discovers he is not bearing as much fruit as he should, what do you think he should do to improve?