Watchful Servants

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TEXT: Luke 12:35-48

After Jesus fulfilled His mission on earth He went back to Heaven; but He is returning very soon to take His people unto Himself. The question is asked, “But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth?” (Malachi 3:2). One meaning of abide is “to face or to submit without shrinking.” The verse does not mean that no one will be able to stand, for the Christians are preparing themselves, and we can all be ready. We can see from our text that an acceptable service must be rendered with watchfulness and prayer, that we may be ready at any moment for the Lord’s return.


  1. To watch is “the act or fact of keeping awake, especially to be attentive or vigilant.” How does this word pertain to our lesson today?
  2. In reading the first two verses of our text, how would you describe the attitude of the ones who were waiting? Which portions of these verses give you this indication?
  3. According to our text, the coming of Christ will be as a thief. If you knew a thief was likely to come to your house, what measures would you take?
  4. The Lord will return for those who look for Him, and for those who are ready. How can we be ready for His return?
  5. How could a person show by his actions that in his heart he is saying, “My Lord delayeth his coming”?
  6. One of the requirements for being ready for the Lord’s return is that we be good stewards. Give a definition of stewardship. How does this relate to the Christian experience?
  7. According to our text, what were the consequences suffered by the servants who had not been faithful in performing their duties and were not watching for their lord’s return? What parallel can you draw between this and the fate of one who neglects his responsibilities as a Christian and fails to be watchful for Jesus’ return?
  8. Referring to our key verse, when will the Master return?

Thought provoker: Are you ready for the Lord’s return if He should come at this moment?