Do I Fit?

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TEXT: 1 Corinthians 12:14-27

Just as the many members of the physical body are dependent on each other, so it is with a church. The members are united and supportive of each other. Without this union no church could exist. God has given to each of us grace and ability to accomplish the work He has called us to do. But to be effective for God we must consecrate our lives to do His bidding.


  1. What is meant by the phrase, the Body of Christ?
  2. How is the decision made to determine where one fits into the Body of Christ?
  3. What is the particular place that Christ fills in the Body? What is the responsibility of the members toward Christ?
  4. In what manner does a person develop his usefulness, and become able to accept other responsibilities as a part of the Body of Christ?
  5. What part of the Body is more important than the others, apart from the Head?
  6. What is the responsibility of each member toward the others?
  7. List some of the ways in which the Body is benefited when all the members are working together as a unit and all fit into their respective places.
  8. How does consecration help us continue to fit into the place that God has planned for us?