God’s Call

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Search Unit 02 - Who Is Jesus?

TEXT: John 1:35-51

In calling men and women to follow Him, Jesus always spoke in words that could be comprehended by the hearers. The message of the Gospel is not veiled to the understanding. Throughout the centuries God has called countless men and women who answered and left all to follow Him. How vital it is to be alert to the calling of God in our own lives, and then to answer that call!


  1. What circumstances brought about the disciples’ first contact with Jesus?
  2. What was the first simple step taken by the disciples?
  3. What was Andrew’s reaction when introduced to Jesus?
  4. State some of the reasons people might give for not following Christ, or for not answering His call.
  5. How did God’s call to salvation come to you?
  6. After a person has answered God’s call to salvation, he will undoubtedly be called to do some particular service for God. How does God’s call for service come to individuals?
  7. What might be some of the common reactions or feelings of a person when God calls him to do a particular task?
  8. God does not ask everyone to do the same task, but there is one thing that every Christian is called to do. Using Psalm 107:2, identify a calling that every Christian shares, and explain how it can be answered.