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TEXT: Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 12:50; Romans 6:13

Our lesson is part of the Christmas story which undoubtedly has been told and retold more than any other story ever written. So without dwelling long on the historical fact of Jesus’ birth, let us consider why God singled out Mary for the highest honor ever bestowed on a woman. Her willingness to submit to God’s plan was, no doubt, one of the reasons He chose her over all the young virgins of the house of David to be the mother of His Son, Jesus.


  1. In Bible times, God often used angels to carry messages to people. Since this was so, why do you think Mary was troubled at the angel’s greeting?
  2. What did the angel say when he noticed Mary was troubled?
  3. Do you think that Mary showed a lack of faith when she questioned the angel about how this could be? Explain.
  4. What was Mary’s response to the message that her child would be called the Son of God? What characteristics did she demonstrate by that reply?
  5. In what ways did Mary exhibit these character traits?
  6. Why are the attributes which Mary exemplified necessary for one serving the Lord today?
  7. In reference to our key verse, the first phrase implies that doing the will of God may need to be learned. What are some of the ways the Lord teaches us? What can we do in order to be apt learners?
  8. What are some of the benefits that are promised us if we are submissive to God? In addition to our text, see John 7:17, Romans 8:14-17, and Romans 12:2.