Sadness Turned to Joy

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 35 - Miracles of Jesus

TEXT: Luke 7:11-16

Oh, what a sad day it was. I had just come from the market here in the town where we live. My mother was crying in the doorway of our house. I asked what was wrong. She told me that our neighbor's son had just died. What made it so sad was that he was her only son. Her husband was dead and now she would be all alone.

As people heard the news that day, there was much sadness in our little town. It was hard to understand why God let such a thing happen. Didn't He care about the widow? Does He care about people at all? Does He care about me?

I asked my mother what she thought. She told me, "This is a sad thing that has happened, Mary. But we must never forget that God is always good. He cares very much for the widow and for all of us."

Most of the people of our town were going with the widow to bury her son. Everyone was sad and crying as they walked.

I thought again about what my mother had told me. But I still wasn't sure that God really cared for me. As I walked with the crowd toward the city gate, I prayed God would help me trust Him.

Just as we passed through the gates a crowd of people met us. There was a Man at the front that they seemed to be following. As He came close, I could see that He felt sorry for the widow. What a look of love He had on His face! Who was this Man?

He walked up to the widow and said, "Weep not." I wondered how He could expect her to stop crying on a day like this.

Then He touched the coffin and said, "Young man, I say unto thee, Arise." And our neighbor's son, who was dead, sat up! He began to speak to the people around him. We were all so surprised we hardly knew what to do.

The widow's sadness turned into joy. All of her friends were happy too. Everyone was smiling and laughing now. I wanted to know who this Man was who could do such a miracle. I found out that His name was Jesus. He was the Savior who had been promised. God had visited our town!

In the days that followed I went to hear Jesus teach. He told us many wonderful things about life here and life after death. As I heard Him speak, I knew that God really did care for me. Not only could Jesus bring the dead to life, but He came to give us new life. He told us that through Him we can be born again. I decided then to give my life to Jesus and serve Him forever. I'm sure glad I did!


One of the magnificent aspects of Christ is that through Him we have life—both physical and spiritual. Our lesson brings out that since He created life, He can also restore life.

This reality is beautifully illustrated in the account of Jesus' raising the widow's son from death. As you study this lesson with your child, he should be able to visualize how the woman's sorrow was changed to joy when this miracle took place.

Let your child make a Life Book using pictures cut from magazines. Help him select pictures depicting living things created by God. These can be cut out and pasted on pages of paper. Then punch holes at the top or side of each page and lace the book together with brightly colored yarn.