Miracle at the Wedding

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 35 - Miracles of Jesus

TEXT: John 2:1-11

I hadn't even finished breakfast when I heard my father calling me, "Hurry, Asriel, we must not be late!"

My father was the head servant for a wedding that day in Cana, where we live. Since I was the oldest son, I had to go along and help while my little brothers stayed home and played.

Father seemed nervous as we pulled the cart full of supplies to the house. He had never been head servant before. He wanted everything to turn out perfect.

Soon the house was crowded with people rushing back and forth. They pointed this way and that, hurrying to get everything ready. Father was busy checking the food and wine. He had spent a lot of time adding up how much of everything was needed. I made so many trips in and out of the house that I was tired before the dinner even started!

Finally the guests came and the feast began. I heard some people talking to a man named Jesus. I didn't know Him but someone said He was from Nazareth. Something about Him caught my attention and I began to watch Him.

Suddenly, something really awful happened. Father came running and told me that the guests were out of wine. Soon they would be asking for more. But we had no more! Father was afraid he would never be head servant again.

I was working near Jesus when His mother walked up to Him. She told Him that we were out of wine. Why did she do that? Did she think He would go and get some?

I walked back to where my father was trying to get the last drops of wine out of the pots. He was very upset. Then Jesus' mother came up and said we should do what Jesus told us.

Jesus said to fill six waterpots with water. As we did, I asked Father what we were going to do with them. He told me servants shouldn't ask questions. They should just obey. When the pots were all full of water, Jesus told us to fill the guests' glasses!

Father did as he was told. I began to fill glasses too. Sure enough, it looked like wine! But what would happen when they tasted it?

The governor of the feast tried the wine. With a surprised look he called the bridegroom over to him. He said that it tasted even better than the first wine! My father was so thankful that Jesus was there.

I had never seen a miracle before that day. Since then this same Jesus has done many more miracles in our land. I have decided to be one of His followers.


Miracles of Jesus is the theme for our new unit of lessons. A basis for this study must be an understanding of the word miracle. Your child will learn that it is "a supernatural happening which cannot be explained by natural causes."

We begin the series of four lessons with the story of Jesus' first miracle—the changing of water into wine at the marriage in Cana. Your child will learn that Jesus is still performing miracles today.

As your child studies the memory verse for this lesson, help him learn it by writing each word of the verse on a separate slip of paper. Let him arrange the papers in the proper order. He might have fun attaching the slips to the door of your refrigerator, with magnets. Or he could tape each paper onto a backing sheet using double-stick tape.