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Search Unit 08 - Pardoned, Prepared, and Powerful

TEXT: Psalm 38:1-18; Acts 24:24-27

The dictionary lists several meanings for the word conviction, but we are concerned with the one which says, “an aroused perception of error or sin; a strong admonition of the conscience.” It would be impossible to come to the Lord unless we realize our need of Him. The Spirit of God is faithful to show us our need and to draw us unto the Lord. He speaks to us through our conscience and we are made to realize that we are sinners and need to repent.


  1. Paul was called upon to stand trial before Felix, the Roman governor of Judea. What was Paul’s attitude, and why? See Acts 24:10-13.
  2. Felix deferred sentence until the chief captain, Claudius Lysias (Acts 24:22-24), should come, but why did he call for Paul?
  3. What effect did Paul’s message have on Felix? What does this tell us concerning Felix?
  4. The governor told Paul, “Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee.” How did his response indicate that he was being convicted? Why is it dangerous to try to evade conviction?
  5. What did Felix hope that Paul would do?
  6. In Psalm 38, David graphically portrays a man under conviction. This may well have been something he experienced personally, or it may be allegorical. In any case, it is an excellent description of a person feeling the guilt of his sins. In verse 1, what does David indirectly acknowledge?
  7. Aside from physical afflictions, explain, in your own words, how conviction affected David. See Psalm 38:3-4,6,8.
  8. Contrast the effects of conviction on David and Felix.
  9. Read Acts 2:37-41. What brought about the salvation of the three thousand souls who were mentioned in this passage?