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Search Unit 07 - "It's All Yours, Lord"

TEXT: Mark 7:14-23; Luke 6:45

The physical heart is a muscular organ which maintains life by pumping blood through the body. But in our lesson we are dealing with the spiritual heart which is the seat of life and strength—the mind, soul, spirit, will—one’s entire emotional nature and understanding.


  1. Using the dictionary, define treasure. Read Luke 6:45 and, in the context of this verse, list some things that might be considered good treasures of the heart.
  2. If we haven’t confessed and believed unto righteousness, what things did Jesus say will come forth from our hearts?
  3. What does Paul say is necessary in order for us to receive God’s salvation into our hearts? See Romans 10:9-10.
  4. Look up Jeremiah 29:13. What three words in this verse give us the key to a successful search for God?
  5. Read 1 Samuel 10:9-11. Who was the man this Scripture refers to and what happened to him?
  6. Read 1 Samuel 15:3,13-24. What happened to the spiritual condition of the man mentioned in the preceding question? What does this show?
  7. In Proverbs 4:23 the writer tells us to keep a careful guard on our hearts. In doing this, the actions of other members of our body will be guided. Name several of these. See Proverbs 4:24-27.
  8. What did Jesus say was the first and great Commandment? Is our love for Him complete? See Matthew 22:37-38.
  9. Proverbs 3:5-9 shows that if we will yield our hearts completely to the Lord, He will direct our lives. Name several ways we can do this.