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TEXT: Exodus 3:1-15; Isaiah 43:1-2

The commission Moses received from God, to lead the Children of Israel from bondage in Egypt to the Promised Land, was a huge one. Great issues were at stake and much would depend on him. One cannot blame Moses for saying, "Who am I?" When God calls one to a position of responsibility in His service, that person may not feel sufficient. But God's commands are His enablings; with an order there is given the required strength and wisdom. Surely there was great comfort and reassurance in the promise that God gave Moses: "Certainly I will be with thee."


  1. Where was Moses when he heard the call of God? Why do you think God choose that location?
  2. God allowed some unusual circumstances to direct the course of Moses' early life. Briefly outline those events, using Acts 7:20-29.
  3. God used a supernatural manifestation to call Moses. How does He call people today? How can we know that any call from God is just as important as His call to Moses though it may not be given in such a spectacular way?
  4. Of what importance was it to Moses when God declared Himself to be the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?
  5. Parallel Moses' response to how some people respond today when they feel the call of God.
  6. In verse 12 of our text, God promised Moses a token. What was that token? Does God do this for us today? Explain.
  7. In our key verse, God made three promises regarding what He will do for His people. What were they?
  8. What did God promise Moses He would do for the Children of Israel? Draw the parallel between the promise to the Israelites and the promise to Christians.
  9. Humility is an essential quality of leadership in the work of the Lord. What word is used in Numbers 12:3 to describe this quality in Moses' life?