The First Temptation and Sin

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TEXT: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-19

Temptation is the means by which Satan attempts to deceive mankind into disobeying God. It is the common lot of all. But a Christian who faces up to temptation and utilizes the source of his strength-the overcoming power of God-will not fall into sin as did Adam and Eve.


  1. What is the dictionary definition of the word tempt?
  2. Give a definition of sin.
  3. Temptation always precedes sin and yet it is obvious the two are not the same. Yielding to Satan's temptations is what causes sin. What means did God provide for Adam and Eve to escape yielding to the temptation?
  4. How did the serpent's question, "Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?" lead into temptation?
  5. The devil promised Eve that she and Adam would be as gods, knowing good and evil. What could they gain by yielding?
  6. Sin was introduced by the first lie. What was the first lie? What are the characteristics of a lie?
  7. Using 1 John 2:16, what are the points of contact with the world that would lead us into temptation?
  8. John 17:15-16 indicates that we do not need to be taken out of the world in order to be kept from evil. List several things we can do to avoid being overcome by temptation.

Through man's temptation and subsequent yielding, the curse of sin was brought into the world. But God offers mercy through His plan of redemption. The first promise of this is given in Genesis 3:15. On the Cross, the heel of the Savior was bruised in death, but the head of the serpent (Satan) is bruised every time a lost soul is redeemed or one of God's redeemed withstands temptation.