God Will Provide

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 33 - Life of Moses

TEXT: Exodus 16:11-31; 17:1-6

"Mom, I'm hungry." Kezia followed her mother into their tent.

"I know you are. But God will provide. He knows we need food. It's time now for you to go to sleep."

Kezia sat down on the mat that was her bed. She looked up at her mother and said, "I heard some people saying today that we should have stayed in Egypt. They said we had plenty to eat there. Do you think we should have stayed there, Mother?"

Her mother kneeled down beside her and stroked her hair. "Kezia, your father and I have learned that it's best to trust God. Some people have a hard time doing that. When people complain, it makes God unhappy. We need to pray for them. God isn't going to let us starve here in the wilderness."

"But what about Egypt? We weren't hungry there."

"That's right. But what people forget is that we were slaves there. God has wonderfully brought us out. We should be thankful and trust Him to take care of us. Let's pray."

They both bowed their heads as Kezia's mother prayed. "Heavenly Father, we want to thank You for this day. We thank You for saving us from the Egyptian army. We know that You will provide us food. Help those who doubt You to trust in You. Amen."

Kezia lay down and said, "I'm so glad that our family believes in God. It feels better to trust than to doubt."

The next day Moses called the people together to tell them God would send meat that evening and bread in the morning. Kezia tugged on her mother's apron and said, "See, Mom, just like we prayed, huh? I can't wait to see how God will feed this many people."

That very evening, thousands of quail flew into the Israelites' camp. There was meat for everyone. Kezia was so excited. She could hardly sleep that night wondering about the bread that God would send in the morning.

"Kezia, are you up already?" her father asked. "The sun has barely begun to rise."

"Yes, Daddy, but this is the morning God sends us bread! Let's hurry and see what it's like."

Before long the whole camp of the Israelites was full of excitement. On the ground everywhere were small kernels. The people called them manna. From these they made cakes that tasted like wafers made with honey. Kezia was so happy as she helped gather enough for her family.

That wasn't the last time that God provided for Kezia's family and the rest of His people. Later when they needed water, He brought water out of a rock! And remember, God is still watching over His people today.


It is important for primary children to realize that God cares about them and has promised to provide for their needs. This Bible story details how God provided food and water for the Children of Israel in miraculous ways as they traveled toward Canaan.

After reading together about the water from the rock, and the manna and quail, help your child make a batch of edible clay. Mix equal amounts of peanut butter and dry milk powder. Slowly add honey until the mixture is about the consistency of play dough.

Let your child use this mixture to mold a rock representing the rock Moses struck. Then he can make small quail, baskets, and little pieces of manna. When he is done playing, he can eat what he made! This dough can be kept in the refrigerator for several days and still be edible.