Grandpa's Exciting Story

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 33 - Life of Moses

TEXT: Exodus 14:5-31; Hebrews 11:29

Chislon climbed up on his grandpa's lap. "Tell me again how you crossed the Red Sea when you were a kid!"

Grandpa stroked his beard and laughed. "You really like that one, don't you? Well, I'll tell it again. You remember how I told you that Egypt had ten awful plagues before Pharaoh finally let our people leave Egypt. Well, not long after we left, he changed his mind. He gathered a great army to chase us and take us back to Egypt. When we saw the army of the Egyptians coming toward us, it created quite a stir!"

"Were you afraid?" Chislon asked.

"Well, I was about your age then and I had been pretty excited about how God had led us out of Egypt. I figured that God would also help us not to be caught by all those soldiers. But when the adults started getting scared, I got scared too. Then our leader, Moses, stood up and told us God would take care of us and keep us safe from the Egyptians. That made me feel better.

"Before this time, God had sent a big, tall cloud to guide us during the day. At night, it turned into a pillar of fire to give light and show us the way to travel. It had always been in front of us, but now God moved it behind us. That way it was between us and the Egyptians. They were in darkness while we were in the light! But we had a big problem in front of us."

"The Red Sea!" Chislon piped in.

"Right. Pharaoh's army behind us and the Red Sea in front of us. What were we going to do? But God hadn't forgotten us. He made a strong east wind to blow all night. The waters parted! Oh, Chislon, I wish you could have seen it!

"As we moved forward, I thought I would get to splash in the mud. But the ground where the water had been was dry! What a miracle! On both sides of us the water was like a wall.

"The Egyptians followed right after us. When they were between the walls of water, they started having problems. God caused the wheels of their chariots to fall off."

"When we got to the other side, Moses turned and stretched his hand over the sea. Before Pharaoh's army could escape, the waters covered them and they all drowned. We weren't afraid anymore! God had delivered us."

"I wish I could have been there," Chislon said with a sad look.

"Well, it was a wonderful miracle. But remember, Chislon, God is still working today. Who knows what miracles He will work in your life!"

Chislon smiled. "You're right, Grandpa. Maybe someday I'll be able to tell my grandson exciting stories like you do!"


This Bible story is about the miraculous way God delivered His people from the pursuing Egyptian armies by opening a path for them through the Red Sea. This is an exciting story, and one that should help your child realize the great power of God.

As you think about the Children of Israel's moving toward the land which God had promised them, play a game called "Going to Canaan," with your family. The first player says, "I'm going to Canaan, and I am taking an apple" (or any word beginning with the letter A). Each succeeding player repeats all the things the other players are taking, and adds a new object beginning with the next letter in the alphabet. ("I'm going to Canaan, and I am taking an apple, a basket, and a cloak.") The game continues until the complete alphabet has been used.