Temptations in Life

Answer for Students
Unit 02 - Who Is Jesus?

TEXT: Luke 4:1-15

A look at a diary shows the need for God’s help to overcome the temptations in life.


Dear Diary,

What a day! I wonder if I’ll ever be totally accepted by the kids at school. Oh, they are friendly but they always try to get me to be “more like everyone else.” We visit at school and even talk on the phone sometimes, but when it comes to joining them for social activities, I always seem to have something else to do. This morning, Molly and Charlotte were waiting at my locker when I arrived at school. Molly began by telling me what a great party I had missed on Friday night. I told them that Friday night was our young people’s meeting, but they made the party sound like so much fun I wondered if maybe I should have gone with them. Lately, it seems that whenever I get invited to a party or some other place where all the kids go, that's the very day that I have made other plans for doing God’s work. I need some help to figure out what to do.


Dear Diary,

Mr. Quan gave a pop quiz in Social Studies class today. Wouldn’t you know he’d pick the one and only day that I didn’t get to study! After I finished my math last night, Mom said it was just too late for me to do any more homework. I guess moms can say that, but teachers just don’t understand. Anyway, Tyler was sitting right next to me. He’s the one who’s never gotten a B in his whole life! (That translates to straight A’s.) Well, he was just writing away furiously and not making any attempt to cover up his answers. Then Mr. Quan left the room for several minutes, and I was really tempted to take a quick glance at what Tyler was writing. There were plenty of other kids sharing answers. I hate to think of what an F will do to my average in Social Studies.


Dear Diary,

When I got into my Home Ec class at school this afternoon, Mia accidentally spilled chocolate syrup all over the sleeve of my new jacket. I almost yelled at her and told her what a sloppy person she is. She is always messy! I wish I didn’t have to be in her cooking group. Oh, well, Mom says the stain should come out all right in the wash.


Dear Diary,

I’m so depressed. I was just talking to Sophie on the phone. Her folks bought her new skis, a whole new outfit, and skiing lessons for the rest of the winter. Nothing good like that ever happens to me!


Dear Diary,

Was it just yesterday I was moping about Sophie’s good luck? I can hardly believe what happened today. I passed up a chance for a new ski outfit for myself.

After school I stayed to work in the library for an hour. When Mrs. Gilmore said she was going to close up, I remembered I’d left my gym shorts in the locker and I needed to wash them. I went to the locker room and, lo and behold, there was a pair of ski pants and a gorgeous matching jacket lying on the bench. No one was around. I went into the gym, but no one was there. I came back to the locker room and just stared at that ski outfit. I felt like putting it in my gym bag and leaving for home, instead I took it down to the office and turned it in at the Lost and Found. What a week!

Dear Student,

Go through the diary and underline all the temptations that this young girl experienced. List them on the following lines.






Make a check mark by any of the temptations that she gave in to. What did you learn?

Pretend you are her diary and can respond. Write an answer back to her.

Now tell about a time when you were tempted.

Did you give in to the temptation?

What should you do the next time you’re tempted to do or say something wrong? Remember that Jesus resisted temptation by quoting Scriptures. Ephesians 6:17 says that the Word of God is like a sword for us. With every temptation, God makes a way of escape so you will be able to stand up under it. You will find this promise in 1 Corinthians 10:13.

With God’s help you can make it!