Jesus Will Come Again!

Primary Pals for Teachers
Unit 32 - Jesus Is Alive!

TEXT: Acts 1:9-12; John 14:1-6


The students will be able to tell that Jesus will return to earth someday in the same way He left—in a cloud. They will be able to describe how they can be ready to meet Him and go to Heaven with Him.


Introduction: Pack a suitcase as described under In Class Activities. Open your session by asking your students "When do we pack a suitcase?" They will answer that we do this when we are planning to go somewhere. Tell them that if we have Jesus in our hearts, we are planning to go somewhere very special, but we have to be ready.

  1. While the disciples looked, Jesus ascended into the heavens, disappearing in a cloud.
  2. Two men in white apparel told them that Jesus would come again in the same manner.
  3. We can be ready for His return by believing in Him. He is "the way, the truth, and the life."

Climax: Just as Christ ascended into the heavens, the angels declared that He would come again.

Conclusion: Jesus will return someday to receive those who are ready to meet Him, and take them to Heaven. It is vital for us to prepare for that day.

Response: The students will know that Jesus will return some day. They will be able to tell what we must do to be ready to meet the Lord in the air.


There are many Scriptures that pertain to the second coming of Christ. They need to be studied carefully as it is very clear that there are two phases to His second coming. The first phase is the rapture of the saints. This is detailed in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, "The dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." In 1 Corinthians 15:52-53 we read that our mortal bodies will be changed to immortal in the twinkling of an eye. We are warned to be ready because Jesus will come as a thief in the night, and those who are not prepared will be left. Jesus spoke about two sleeping in a bed, the one taken and the other left; two women grinding at the mill, one taken and the other left; two in a field, the one taken, the other left.

The second phase is when Jesus comes as King of kings, and every eye shall see Him. He will overthrow the armies of the Antichrist, bind the Devil and cast him into the bottomless pit, and reign upon the throne of David. (See Isaiah 9:6-7; Daniel 7:14; Zechariah 14:9.) The Jews will realize that Jesus, whom they spurned two thousand years before, is indeed the promised Messiah.


  • Use a metal baking sheet as a backdrop for your lesson. Use double-stick tape to make a green hill (from felt or construction paper) at the bottom of your scene. Attach cotton-covered clouds at the top. Cut out figures representing Jesus and His disciples (see Patterns). Have a small metal strip attached to the back of the Jesus figure. At the proper time in the story, move Him upward by using a magnet against the back of the metal baking sheet.
  • Give each child a copy of the prayer (see Patterns). Let them cut out the circles at the bottom of the page, and finish the prayer by pasting the circles in the right places on the prayer.
  • Give each child a copy of the Getting Ready List page (see Patterns). Help them complete the list as you talk about different things we should do to make sure we are ready when Jesus comes back.
  • Have a suitcase packed with items representative of things we should do to be sure we are ready for Jesus' return. Some possibilities: a clean heart, a Bible (for instructions), a church paper or invitation (working for Jesus), a clock (using your time right until Jesus comes).
  • Give each child a copy of the angel blowing a trumpet with a crossword grid inside (see Patterns). Write out Matthew 16:27, Matthew 24:31, and 1 Thessalonians 4:17 as clues. Let them work the crossword grid using the Bible verses to help them.

Special Instructions for Unit 32: Refer to Lesson 21 e for additional ideas.


  1. How did Jesus leave this earth?
  2. Jesus will come again. The New Testament mentions His second coming over 300 times! What must we do to be ready for the second coming of Jesus?
  3. How do we know Jesus will come again?
  4. Who were the two men in white apparel that the people saw when Jesus went up into Heaven?
  5. What was their message?
  6. How will Jesus come back again? Like another baby? In the clouds? What does the Bible say?
  7. What is Jesus doing now?
  8. Talk about Heaven. What will be there? What will not?


  • Jesus returns in a cloud (see Patterns). Cut a slit on the dark line under the cloud and insert the pull-tab with the figure of Jesus. Some masking tape on the back of the pull-tab will strengthen it, or you may cut the figure and tab from heavy paper or cardboard. As you tell of Jesus' return move the figure down.
  • Use angel finger puppets for Lesson 4a or angels given for Lessons 16b and 28a. Give one to each child as you talk about how Jesus will come back again with His angels.
  • Give each child a copy of the cloud with windows cut as indicated by dotted lines (see Patterns). Cut windows and paste picture of Jesus in one window and one of His angels in each remaining space.
  • Give each child the coloring picture of Jesus coming in the cloud (see Patterns). Children could color the sky and glue cotton on the cloud. As an alternative, color the picture yourself and cover it with clear plastic contact paper or have it laminated. Cut apart into pieces and let your little ones put the puzzle together.


Open your review by explaining that God has given us some instructions regarding things we must do in order to be ready when He comes. Tell your group that you are going to give them a set of instructions, and whoever has finished it by the time a preset alarm goes off will get a small treat. Give them a list of several things to do: write out their memory verse, turn to a certain verse in the Bible and read it to their teacher, etc. (Adjust the instructions and time length according to the ability of your group.) When the timer goes off and treats have been awarded, liken this to the rewards that will be received by those who are ready when Jesus comes back.

Dramatize a short skit beginning with receiving a letter announcing the arrival of relatives. You are not sure of the time when they will come but it will be soon. Make a number of preparations such as putting on good clothes, fixing a nice dinner, being sure the house is clean, calling others to tell of the expected arrival. Compare this to our anticipation because Jesus will soon be coming, even though we don't know the exact time. What kind of preparation are we making for His return?