Rejoicing in Our Resurrected King

Primary Pals for Teachers
Unit 20 - We Worship the King

TEXT: Matthew 28:1-8


The students will be able to describe Christ's resurrection, and will be able to explain how we worship by singing songs and praising the Lord.


Introduction: Use the Easter basket filled with Easter symbols as your opener for this Sunday, following the suggestions given under In-Class Activities.

  1. Describe the sorrow in the hearts of the women who came to the tomb, and explain what their intention was.
  2. There was an earthquake, and an angel rolled the stone from the door of the tomb.
  3. The angel told the women that he knew they came to seek Jesus, who was crucified.

Climax: The angel showed the women the empty tomb, and gave them the tremendous news—that Jesus was risen from the dead.

Conclusion: The message of the angel and the empty tomb confirmed what the Lord had told them—that He would rise again the third day.

Response: The students will be able to describe the events which took place that first Easter morning, and will be able to explain why we should praise the Lord for this wonderful occurrence.


The doctrine of the Resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. It is the doctrine that separates our religion from all others.

One of the major evidences of the Resurrection is the radical change in the lives of the disciples. The fact of the Resurrection became a reality in the hearts of these weak and vacillating disciples. In later years, threats, persecution and even death could not dissuade them from proclaiming the Good News. Because Jesus, their Master, had died and risen again, they, too, had the hope of eternal life and they could praise God in every situation because the fear of death was gone.

Even today, when anyone truly grasps the absolute fact of the resurrection of Jesus there is cause for praise and thanksgiving. "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? . . . But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Corinthians 15:55,57).


  • Cut out church and two small pictures (see Patterns). Cut the windows on the solid lines and fold open on dotted lines. Paste the small pictures behind the windows. Mount on blue construction paper. On the blue paper below the church print the words, WE WORSHIP JESUS BY SINGING SONGS AND PRAISING THE LORD. Let the children color the church.
  • Let the children color the cross with children singing (see Patterns) while explaining that one way they can praise God is by singing. It is a good way to show their love.
  • During the preceding week cut out appropriate pictures from old Easter cards (or other greeting cards), or magazines and take to class, together with white cardboard or heavy craft paper suitable for your project.
  • Help the children make bookmarks or greeting cards to take home. Have appropriate verse or message already printed on the bookmark or card so that the children only decorate in class.
  • Beginning with verse 5 of our text, through verse 7, copy the words, in large print, leaving a little extra space after (or between) each phrase. This can be done on heavy paper and then cut in pieces, separating each phrase of these verses. In class let the students assemble the phrases. This is the Easter message in brief. More of the lesson could be added, depending on the size of the class and time allowed for the activity. Also, the class could be divided to make a game or a contest.
  • Using the same small blue felt rectangle you used for the crucifixion scene, make a new scene portraying the Resurrection (see Patterns). Use the pieces representing the tomb, the stone, the angel, and Mary to tell how Jesus rose from the dead. If you wish, the whole scene can be rolled up and placed into a plastic egg to give to your students.
  • Bring an Easter basket filled with typical Easter symbols, and talk about each one. Include an Easter lily, a cross, eggs (new life symbolizes the Resurrection), a stuffed bunny (the One who made all the animals loved and died for us), little chicks (tuck a slip of paper under their wings saying, "Jesus Arose" or "He Is Risen"), candy (reminds us of all the fun and good things Jesus gives us for our enjoyment), doll dress (represents new Easter clothes because we want to look our very best as we celebrate this special day).
  • Make five finger puppets (see Patterns) for each child. Have them put them on their fingers in the correct order; the tomb on the little finger, angel on the next finger, music note on the middle finger, sun on the index finger, and smiley face on the thumb. Have them close their hand. As they recite this poem with their teacher they will raise one finger for each line of the poem until all the puppets are raised high.
    Jesus arose on Easter Day.
    An angel rolled the stone away.
    We'll worship in song;
    Sing praise all day long.
    Jesus is King—He lives—Hooray!


  1. What is your favorite praise song?
  2. Why were the men afraid when they saw the angel?
  3. Why did the women believe the angel but the keepers did not?
  4. Do all people today believe that Jesus arose from the dead? Why or why not?
  5. Do all people today believe that Jesus is coming again? Why or why not?
  6. How do you think the devil felt when Jesus arose from the dead?
  7. Explain "arose from the dead."
  8. Will Jesus always keep His promises? Then, why are people afraid that He will not?
  9. What does Jesus' arising from the dead mean to you?
  10. How can we let Jesus know how glad we are that He arose from the dead?


  • Bring little packets or tiny baskets or bottles containing various spices. Let the children smell them. Also bring long strips of white flannel to show how the body of Jesus was wrapped.
  • Let each of your children make a cross bookmark commemorating Jesus' resurrection. Give them a cross cut from construction paper. Let them apply a sticker of Jesus in the center of the cross, and perhaps a flower sticker at the base.
  • Give each child a plastic egg with an Easter treat inside, an Easter sticker, and a little scroll with the words, "I'm so glad that Jesus lives!"
  • Give each child a basket or sack. They may decorate the sack. Let them hunt for colored plastic eggs into which you have put things pertaining to Easter; for example, candy, happy faces, notes that say, "I Love You," "Jesus Is Alive!" "Jesus Loves You," "Jesus Lives in Heaven," "He Has Risen."
  • Make a sun visor for each student (see Patterns). Cover the visor with clear adhesive paper. Fold up on the straight dotted line. Then fold down on the curved dotted line. On each will be printed the words THE SON IS RISEN. Explain to the children that "THE SON" is Jesus and that He "IS RISEN" from the dead and lives in Heaven today.


Check into the rental of a slide or movie production showing the story of Christ's death and resurrection.

Have two or three students dress as soldiers. Have your group pretend these were the guards at the tomb on the morning Jesus arose. Interview them.

Use the book, "Story of Easter for Children" as the basis for an overhead.


  • The Happiest Day — by Ruth Shannon Odor, Standard Publishing
  • A Promise Kept — Tape No. 148, Series 10, Your Story Hour, Inc.