God's Plan for Me

Primary Pals for Students
Unit 25 - The Bible Account of Creation

TEXT: Psalm 139:1-5; Matthew 5:14-16

"Hi, Uncle Mark!" said Emily excitedly. "I'm sure glad to see you. Wait till you hear what happened in school today."

Uncle Mark was always glad when Emily came to visit. "Come in and have some cookies while you tell me about it."

"Do you remember how sad I was after Scotty was born?" asked Emily, as she sat down at the table. "At first I was glad to have a baby brother. Then when he seemed to get all the attention I thought no one loved me anymore."

"I remember," answered Uncle Mark. "That really was a sad time for you."

"I didn't think I was important to anyone. I tried to get people to pay more attention to me," said Emily. "I drew pictures for everyone and sang songs. And then one day I told you that nobody loved me.

"You sure set me straight. You told me that everyone is different. We love and are loved in different ways. We love babies in a different way than older children. But everyone is loved. You said we all have a different part in the family, in school, at church, and even in the city where we live."

"Wow," Uncle Mark grinned. "You really remembered a lot of what I said!"

"And that's not all," continued Emily. "You said God made each of us special. You told me God had a special plan for me. I think what happened today was part of God's plan!"

"This sounds exciting," said Uncle Mark. "Hurry and tell me about it."

"Well, last week Karla told us all about her new baby sister. She was really excited about her. But today Karla started crying while we were playing at recess. When I asked her what was wrong she said no one loved her anymore. She said her baby sister gets all the attention. And, Uncle Mark, I could tell her all about when Scotty was born. I told her that everyone really does love her and that God especially loves her. He wants her to be happy."

"You were certainly being a witness for Jesus," said Uncle Mark. "You were able to help Karla because the same thing had happened to you. I'm glad you know that God has a special plan for you. Telling others about Jesus is a part of His plan for all of us."

Emily got up to leave and said, "Thanks for the good cookies, Uncle Mark. And thanks for listening to me. I need to go home now. Did I tell you that Scotty is starting to walk? He's so cute. I just love him."


Developing a child's understanding of the fact that God loves him as an individual is one of the most important tasks facing parents and Sunday school teachers. It is vital that the child realizes he is special to God and that God knows all about him.

Use a stamp pad to help your child make a set of his own fingerprints on a sheet of paper. Look at the fingerprints through a magnifying glass, and compare them with your own prints and those of others in your family. Draw his attention to the fact that no two are exactly alike. At the top of his paper, write the words, "I'm One of a Kind!" Let your child add features, arms and legs, or other details that will turn his fingerprints into unique animals or faces.